dual exhaust conversion kit

Discussion in 'Aftermarket Products, Reviews & Installation' started by sgull, Jul 4, 2012.

  1. sgull

    sgull Member

    I was thinking I'd like to improve the look of the stock exhaust on my truck, (looks like this now: http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb153/sgull1/IMG_1824.jpg) kind of wishing it was maybe possible to convert it to a dual exhaust. I dunno, the way it is now with the stock exhaust the tailpipe seems to hang kinda low and kinda rusty and just seems to generally detract from the otherwise relatively clean overall look of the vehicle From my research there are several companies that offer headers and dual exhaust systems for '98 Rangers but of course not my for model which is just a little 4-banger 2.5L. I did come across this "single to dual exhaust kit", however, and was wondering how it would really work out for my truck:http://www.truckexhaustkits.com/categories/Ford-Ranger-Dual-exhaust-kits/

    Comments? thanks for any input.
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  3. 04RangerSport

    04RangerSport New Member

    Sounds like a cat-back system. Pretty cheap tho. Might be worth it
  4. OP

    sgull Member

    Yeah after doing a little more research, it seems using a kit like that to convert single to dual exhaust is not too good of an idea for a 4 cylinder (reduction of low end power, which I don't want). Now, instead of the conversion kit I'm considering a different cat-back single system kit, the Gibson 619714 sweptside kit. A more practical choice I think, and will not only improve appearance but should actually gain a little more low end power.
    Nice truck there 04RangerSport. What is meant by 3.SLOW, just curious. thanks
  5. 04RangerSport

    04RangerSport New Member

    LOL 3.0 Its about as fast as a 4 cylinder and drinks gas like a 4.0

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