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Discussion in '2019 + Ford Ranger' started by nick forseth, Aug 29, 2021.

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    just purchased new 2021 ranger and have noticed a slight vibration in the drivetrain at 1400 to 1800 rpm under very light throttle . I have the auto start turned off and the lane leaving warning also off . Our truck has to be driven for about 10 minutes before it becomes noticable . Dealer pdi did not catch tire air pressure at 42 psi. now set at 32psi . Now trying 91 octane in motor but have not noticed any change . Vibration is noticable in steering wheel as a slight vibration A gentile version of road edge rumble strip . Also this happens from speeds of 40 to 80 kms. and in gears 5 6 and 7 . One other thing there was { truck now 5 months old with 5500 kms. on it} a green led gear indicator lhs. of digidal speed read out i have seen 3 times but cannot get it to stay on . Would love to know what gear im in for vibration problem . Any info or cure of this issue would be appreciated . I thing motor ecm and trany are not getting along .

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