Considering a Ranger, Opinions?

Discussion in '1998 - 2011 Ford Ranger' started by Niks97cobra, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. Niks97cobra

    Niks97cobra New Member

    The time has come in my life that I need a truck. Me and the girlfriend go camping a lot and we are always stuck taking her probe. I have 97 cobra I am selling to go towards the purchase of a truck.

    I originally wanted a Lightning, but those are hard to find in my price range. I want to find a truck for about $8000-10000. I've seen some good looking Rangers on autotrader with decent mileage.

    I specifically want a 98 or newer, 4x4 4.0 V6. For you owners out there, how do you like the trucks? I never leave anything stock, but I would like to buy a stock one. Is there a good after market for these trucks? How well does the Ranger tow? The plan is to get a Jet Ski to accompany us on our camping trips (we tent camp, btw). Any known issues with these trucks? How long to the engines last? Thanks in advance guys!

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  3. Jon

    Jon Administrator

    Welcome Nik!
  4. Bud 1957

    Bud 1957 New Member

    A Ranger is a good choice

    I cant speak for the V6, however I just replaced my 97 with a 2009. The 97 had 303,000 miles, it was a 4 cyl 4x2 and saw some places usually reserved for a 4x4. used no oil, was still a good grocery getter. Was very happy with it. It was still getting 27 mpg
  5. lemosteam

    lemosteam New Member

    One of the most durable trucks on the planet!

    Nik, I've owned 3 Rangers-
    1) 1989 4x2 2.3L 5 spd- 140,000 on it when I sold it to my bro- still running in Tenn. confirmed by my dad.
    2) 1994 4x2 3.0L 5 spd SuperCab, 267,000 miles when I sold it to a coworker for $500- he turned and sold it on ebay for $1275, picked up another Ranger to tow behind it down to Mexico! I beat the living snot out of that truck 100+ times loaded the bed to the spring bumpers! My crowning achievement though is a saoking wet 4' high pallet of firewood loaded directly into the bed with a hi/lo. Worst amount of work I had to do with that truck was blown front cover gasket and a roasted synchro. Don't recommend this but I was so lazy with that truck that I only added oil when the light came on and changed the oil filter when it blew out a rust hole and leaked all over my driveway- not a proud moment but it definintly speaks volumes to durability!
    3) Currently I have a 1999 4x2 SuperCab 3.0L and I drive 85+ miles/day to work. Best riding of all three when they finally did away with the twin-I suspension in late 1998 (1999 model Year).

    Total investment in all three vehicles was about $34000 over 20 years including repairs or $1700/year! That's less than my current gasoline bill!

    As you can see I never had a 4.0L but the 3.0L's I have hade have been PHENOMINAL! All thre started first turn of the key EVERY TIME! :thumbsup:

    Most people take much better care of their vehicles than me, but hey I know what these vehicles go thru in durability testing and I'm telling you they can take anything, including my ineptitude!

    PS sorry to see you part with that Cobra, Nik! Good Luck with your Choice!
  6. Frank

    Frank New Member

    Well, I just bought a brand new '09 XLT Supercab 2.3L and I couldn't be more pleased with it!
  7. bayley77

    bayley77 New Member


    had a 97 2wd. 2.3 5 spd, 160,000 mi. ran like a champ, bought a 01 3.0 ext. cab auto. love it, 2wd, the 4wd ride to hard for me. as far as I am concerned the rangers are the best small truck out there, had them all.
  8. minijammer99

    minijammer99 New Member

    these trucks are amazing i know if you get one their is hardly any or no major repairs that have to be done and for performance wise you can pick up a procharger supercharger for like 2000 dollars and it'll give it like 60% more horsepower so if you ask me stop thinking and just buy one i think everyone should have a ranger at one time and i don't know about you but i fell in love and i don't think ill ever have any other vehicle.
  9. minijammer99

    minijammer99 New Member

    oh and i picked up a 99 4x4 5 spd xlt with 118000 miles for 5000 dollars so i don't think money will be a problem for you
  10. brazospete7

    brazospete7 New Member

    Well Ive been watching these trucks for years and I think I got it figured out. People buy em new and after 4 or 5 years they just get tired of em so they tell themselves it's going to break down it's got over 100k and I better get rid of it so they trade it in. The car dealer knows it's a cheap truck so he finagles the deal so he winds up with the truck for next to nothin. He has a Special finance lot and he knows it's a dependable truck so he sells it on a note and either or the sucker pays thru the nose forit and he makes a bundle or he repos it. If the sucker pays a few payments (weekly) he clears the truck and sells it again. This goes on till the truck is beginning to look USED, The dealer gets it back in a basket or it gets rolled (junkyard) or it comes back lookin okish at which time he sells it to some waitress he likes for next to nothin. She thinks it's a $500 car and drives it back and forth to work for 6 mos then the battery or alt craps out so she sells it to her brotherinlaw for $200 cause he tells her the starter is out. Bubba gets it replaces the battery cleans it up and is happy as a pig in mud and drives it for ten more years.THE End

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