Cluch Slave Cylinder

Discussion in '1993 - 1997 Ford Ranger' started by TheDogman, Nov 13, 2009.

  1. TheDogman

    TheDogman New Member

    heya guys new to this forum.

    i was wondering if you guys would be interested in seeing me and my dad put a new clutch slave cylinder in the trany?

    this is a fairly big project and will require us dropping the transmission.
    im starting on it this afternoon and will get some pics started and some info on how this is done. got the Chilton book.

    but i kinda want to know how many of you guys would like to see how to drop your ranger trany???
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  3. OP

    TheDogman New Member

    ok getting back with you guys just took a few pics of my truck for you to see. will get pic on tomorrow took to large of pictures cant post them on site.

    got my front and rear drive shafts taken out and the tranfercase skid plate pulled off. and all the wires and hydrolic lines pulled off.

    tomorrow i will get pic of where i left off and then ill start into dropping the transmission.
  4. OP

    TheDogman New Member

    hey guys got my truck all back together. working great hell yha.

    i recommend if you plan on working on any of your vehicals get the book for it. they do help a lot.

    ok the first thing i did was jacked up the rear end and put it on jack stands. helps give us some room under the truck.

    next i unplugged all the wires from the trany and exhaust cross over. thier is a speed sensor on the transfercase and the main trany plug guess its the plug for the power 4x4 switch. few others on the trany just get them out to the side.

    next i pulled the rear drive shaft off 4 bolts each end and the 2 bolt in the carrier bearing. quick hit with the hammer and it should pop off.

    then pull the front drive shaft out. the front takes a torx bit. tip make shure the bit is in all the way or you might break it. tool runs arnt fun.

    ok now b4 we forget you need to pull the shifter nob off on the inside of the truck. mine insent that hard to do. pull your boot back and their should be one bolt all you do is pull the nut of and put it on the other side and tighten it will sorta un press the bolt that hold the shifter on.
    i pulled the console off also.

    their should be a skid plate protecting the transfer-case that need to come off next.

    ok now you need a jack. find a nice spot twords the back of the transfer-case. and slightly pick up on the trany. you should see the trany crossover right their. the one side sits on the inside of the frame rail and the other side hook on the out side. pull that off and the 2 bolt that hold the trany on it.

    next is the exhaust crossover. make sure to have all the o2 sensors unplugged. take the bolts out on the connections to the rear of the exhaust and to the front. the front one will be a bitch need a few exstentions and a wrench on the top side. watch for **** falling in your face. once thoes are off drop the cross over down and she should slide out. its a tight fit dont let it bind on **** on the way out.

    ok next is the starter 2 bolts and it comes right out. best way to deal with it is get some wire and tie it up so it is outa the way. put a knot on the starter side and and pull it up thru the engine compartment tie it off on sumtin.

    ok not its gets tricky to explains...
    if you guys got any questions plz ask.

    ok remember dont let the trany fall try and keep it under control at all times.

    best to do this with 2 jacks and 3 guys. if doing it on the floor.
    ok their is 8 bolts in the bell housing, you should be able to see 4-6 of them fairly ezy. i think they were 1/2 inch. use an impace to pull out the bottem 4 should be the ezy ones. once you get thoes out drop the trany down alittle till you can fit your hand and arm along the top side. rach for the top 2 bolts and get an idea where then are.

    i recommend getting 1/2 extensions and a 1/2 swivel almost a must for this. now once you get all 8 bolts out make sure you got all your jacks under it.

    its gets rly crazy form here but you gota try and keep it some waht lvl and pull it strait back. dont be afraid to wiggle on it hard or use a pry stick to pry it apart. their is 2 pins on it, one on each side they align it when putting together. pry at those spots they hold it up alittle.

    just fyi the trany weighs like 350 pounds it will kick your ass, so be carfull.

    ok iv had anuff typing for the day ill put some more pics up and post how to put it back together later.
  5. OP

    TheDogman New Member

    ok more pics the spot where my rear drive shaft was and some of the pluges oh dont forget to get that hydrolic plug out just use vice grips to pull the thing in and pull out. like a chiness finger hand cuffs.
  6. OP

    TheDogman New Member

    lots of exhausts in theas pics hope they help you see whats up
  7. OP

    TheDogman New Member

    miss clicked forgot to upload last post
  8. OP

    TheDogman New Member

    the trany cross over and the trany slid out hooraa
  9. OP

    TheDogman New Member

    ok the last pics i got. my shifter and of the clutch ****.
    i was pointing to show you the way it came out.

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