For Sale: Checking interest: BUGGMAN's Roll Pan (ky)

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    buggman Do not touch the trim!

    Wanted to see if there's anybody who would be interested in my roll pan.

    I've had it for several years & it's served me quite well, but I'd like to replace it with something else.

    Here's a few pics & videos:





    Click for Video:


    It has some light scuffs in the paint but nothing major... you might even be able to wet sand them out & buff it back to a brand new shine.
    This was kinda a spur of the moment idea so I haven't got any new pics, but after a nice washing it looks much better than the dirty old pics I had in my photobucket.

    I'll include the license plate lights (I need to re-paint them first) which include some of my modded led's.
    Also included will be my custom led brake/turn setup. I have all the wiring for the brake/turns as well as the plate lights wired into an OEM Ford multi wire connector & I'll be sure to label each wire as I remove it from my truck.
    It's made for a 3 bulb tail light, the center section is for brakes while the outer sections are for turn signals. Hookup should be a breeze with scotchlok connectors although I went the extra mile & hard wired everything.

    The roll pan is a urethane material that's tough as can be, yet still is flexible, not as rigid as fiberglass.

    It bolts onto the end of the bed with a handful of screws & ties into the lower bed sides with a couple more screws.

    All the wiring is wire loomed & attached to the back of the roll pan with cable tie mounts.
    The license plate mounts with a couple 1/4-20 screws or bolts through some T nuts attached on the back of the roll pan, making swapping plates or stickers easy.

    It's light weight although about 4 feet long... I believe it should be good to ship via USPS Priority Mail... I'll have to check for shipping prices once I have it removed & disconnected.

    I'd like to get $100 +shipping for it, including my led brake/turn setup & plate lights. I'm open to offers, but I really need the money for the next upgrade.

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