"check gas cap" light 2001 edge 4.0

Discussion in '4.0 Engine' started by Slaggerdan, Oct 22, 2013.

  1. Slaggerdan

    Slaggerdan New Member

    Hi my name is Dan, But everyone just calls me by my last (BAKER).
    I have a "check Gas cap" light on in my dash. I replaced the Gas Cap and cleared all of the codes. Then I tried to get a Smog. Just find out that I needed to drive around for about 100miles so the codes could reset. The Smog Man said that my truck would have passed, but the machine could not read my codes. So no Smog certs for me. Any one have any experience with this problem?
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  3. rwenzing

    rwenzing Bob

    Assuming that the gas cap issue is fixed, all you need to do now is clear the P1000 code. This is accomplished when all of the OBDII monitors complete. Some are quick, others require very strict entry conditions and, depending on your driving habits and route, may take a long time to complete.

    Here is the Ford recommended drive pattern to make the monitors complete in the shortest time/distance:


    For your purposes, you won't necessarily need to install the scan tool and all that. Just try to satisfy each of the driving modes listed.
  4. OP

    Slaggerdan New Member

    Thanks for the info. I think that I have driven the 100milles because the light is back on. What else can trip the light? Can the fuel tank presser sensor go bad?
  5. rwenzing

    rwenzing Bob

    The "cap off" light is the precursor to the OBDII code for a relatively large leak in the evaporative emission system. Ford added that light to help avoid a possible EPA-mandated recall action just because a few people left the pump without replacing the fuel cap.

    Since you have already addressed the cap issue and presumably have inspected its sealing surface, it's time to look elsewhere for the leak. The first and easiest place to look is at the filler hoses. It is possible for the bands to lose tension over time and leak pressure. Common on stockers and even more common on body lifted trucks.

    If you don't find any problem at the filler neck or any evap hoses hanging in the air, you may need the help of a pro with a smoke generator tester. What OBDII calls a "large" evap leak may actually be quite small and not necessarily apparent during an unaided visual inspection.

    Could the pressure transducer be bad? Of course, anything is possible but it is not a high failure rate part.

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