Discussion in '1983 - 1988 Ford Ranger' started by budstark, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. budstark

    budstark New Member

    1986 Ranger 2.3 sometimes starts, other times won't, now won't start at all. It has fire.
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  3. kanuck15

    kanuck15 Member

    Im guessing by fire you mean spark?

    Ok does it have fuel? Being an 86 im thinking its carb. So can you watch fuel go through the carb?
  4. OP

    budstark New Member

    1986 2.3 fuel injection Ford Ranger

    It is fuel injected. How can I check pressure in the fuel line just before the injector apparatus?
  5. kanuck15

    kanuck15 Member

    There should be a schrader valve (looks like a tire valve stem) on the fuel rail somewhere. Thats where you check pressure at
  6. OP

    budstark New Member


    Thanks for your help. I'll look for the schrader valve, which will also mean that I become more familiar with the fuel rout etc. Again, thanks millions.
  7. kanuck15

    kanuck15 Member

    No problem. I forgot to mention 35-45 psi is what you are looking for
  8. OP

    budstark New Member

    Thanks a bundle. If the pressure is under these figures I am guessing that the best procedure would be to replace vacuum hose to regulator, the regulator and possibly the high pressure pump. If I found the schrader valve, which it seems Ford was trying to hide, I think I can find the regulator.
    Also, a word of caution. My two former auto advisors were my brother and, following him, my brother-in-law, both of whom have passed on. But, if you reach their age, which I pray you do, you will be an old man like me.
    Again, thanks a million, you do a great service. This old truch has taken me and my family across the country many times.
  9. kanuck15

    kanuck15 Member

    Just here to help!

    I will try to drum up a picture and see if I can point out where the valve/regulator are
  10. OP

    budstark New Member


    I know where it is now, I just didn't know what it was until I looked it up on the Autozone store line. Thanks
  11. OP

    budstark New Member

    runs good this morning

    I just went out and the Ranger started right up repeatedly and runs good. Do you have any idea why it starts sometimes and other times does not? What would you first suspect? Any ideas are welcome.
  12. kanuck15

    kanuck15 Member

    Wiring issue at the fuel pump. Loose connection somewhere
  13. Mitchman

    Mitchman Member

    that could be it. mine does something similar. it sounds like its out of fuel when i crank it at first and it doesn't start. most mornings it starts with no issue. at least once a month, it wont start right away, this morning mine wouldn't start at all. it cant be out of gas cause i filled it yesterday. if it is somebody has my gas somewhere. if its a wiring issue with the fuel pump, then it could be a number of wiring issues. in my case i think its that the original 1988 fuse is possibly starting to crap out. all my fuses look original except the blinkers. i had to replace those cause they gave out and i had to blink them manually all the way to napa lol.
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2014

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