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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by freakneck, Oct 29, 2019.

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    So, just picked up a 2000 Ranger...3.0L, Supercab (w/4 fully operating doors), a step-side.

    The interior light lens was missing on it, so I went to the local u-pull-it to find one, a they had a bunch of Rangers in the yard. Of course, only 1 had an interior light, so I snatched that up right away.

    Now, on the Ranger I just bought, the passenger door (full-size pass door, not the mini ext door) has a bit of rust on the bottom. Not rusted away, just rust. It just-so-happened, that one of the Rangers they had, had both good doors, and is the same color as mine!!!

    However, can anyone answer these questions....

    1) The Ranger I just bought is a 2000. This one is a 2003. Is the 2000 "red" the same as the 2003 "red"? (The tailgate on mine doesn't seem to match the rest of the truck *exactly*, but not sure if that was painted with some touch-up paint or what-not.) The rest of the truck doesn't really look "red" sort of looks kind of cinamonny, or a slightly orangey red...but just not "red". I'm fairly certain it hasn't been repainted, and the tailgate looks more like just "red", but still close. The junk yard truck also looks like "orangy red" or whatever, but many times you can't really tell if something matches unless they are right next to teach other.

    2) The donor truck is extended cab, but w/o the open small rear doors. Is the "front" door the same between the ext cab and super cab? (I would assume the ext door, when closed, would just mimic the stationary door jamb on those models w/o the ext door. But, it is a Ford.)

    3) The donor truck also has manual windows and locks, where as mine, has power locks and windows. Will I be able to move that power stuff from the old door into the non-power door? I looked at the donor truck, and it does have the flexible accordion electrical conduit thing in the jamb between the body and door. (The driver side anyway.) I know if I was to design these, I'd just use the same door for every application, as the door panel is different, and would cover any openeing or such that are different.

    Can anyone advise?

    Thanks in advance.

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