Battery too dead?

Discussion in '1998 - 2011 Ford Ranger' started by Toutatis_Moralis, Jul 30, 2018.

  1. Toutatis_Moralis

    Toutatis_Moralis New Member

    I have a 01 ranger with the 4L for 5 years now. Its been sitting in my backyard because the driver's seat had been ripped off the floor since well there is no florr to hold it anymore. I didn't have any money so i just had to left it there to rot.

    Now i'm working on it because i need it to work on my friend's homestead. I "redid" the floor with some galvanised steel and fabricated a support on which i welded the seat. I changed the oil and now i'm ready to start it.

    The battery read 0.6V so it obviously not doing anything but even if i jump start it nothing happens. I put the negative clamp on the frame to try to recharge the battery but no matter what i do the light in the cluster dont even lights up.

    I know i should buy another battery but i'm not sure if it will solve my problem since with the power of my other car nothing happens.

    I forgot to rescrew a ground under the seat so i just ducktaped it to the seat support is this why nothing happens when i try to jump start it?

    Please help me. I need to sell it but before that it need to start..
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  3. Jamey E

    Jamey E Member

    You could try swapping the battery off your car to see if your truck will start, but most likely the battery is too far gone

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