Alternate themes?

Discussion in 'Forum Announcements, Suggestions & Comments' started by 00redranger, Jan 15, 2012.

  1. 00redranger

    00redranger New Member

    Any chance we could get a darker one?
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  3. ZRanger28

    ZRanger28 Got boost?

    i second this
  4. This was brought up before in another forum. I don't believe that another one is coming, so sorry fella's
  5. Hooligan

    Hooligan Rangerholic!!

    Unfortunately, we couldnt if we tried. The Vbulletin format we have wont allow it. Jon did shadow the boxes in which we post in a bit. I was all for this at first as well, I know it is pretty bright compared to others, but you really do get used to it and it will seem like nothing in no time
  6. Black mamba

    Black mamba The mannnn

    Ya, the site is bright simply because god has touched it ;)
  7. SalRanger2

    SalRanger2 Ranger Lover

    can we change colors at all? that would be cool
  8. Hooligan

    Hooligan Rangerholic!!

    No, the Vbulletin is this and this only. Sorry dude, but trust me, you will get used to it
  9. SalRanger2

    SalRanger2 Ranger Lover

    ok yea its all good, i dont mind it as much as i thought i would just curious
  10. ob269

    ob269 New Member

    I also like that this kept itself white rahter than switching to the dark theme, following in some other forum's footsteps.
    Now don't get me wrong I do like the dark theme, but this white with shaded texts boxes is a cool idea of its own..
  11. OP

    00redranger New Member

    Well if a mod would PM me the link to vB and any other addons used, I will work on editing to another darker theme... I would definitely prefer it.
  12. Hooligan

    Hooligan Rangerholic!!

    Unfortunately, the access is only allowed to a certain few so we couldnt even do that. I appreciate the offer dude, but in my opinion, we can be ourselves here and do our own thing...and be different. I have gotten used to working this site for over a year and would rather not do it to try and mimic another site.
  13. OP

    00redranger New Member

    Meh... Time to write my own CSS and PHP to modify the current theme for my own end-use then.
  14. Hooligan

    Hooligan Rangerholic!!

    If you do, post a pic of what it looks like

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