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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Nathan, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. Nathan

    Nathan Administrator Staff Member

    We just added ads to the site. Yes, ads stink but they are also needed to keep this site running. That being said though I wanted to give you guys an opportunity to ask questions and for us to try and explain exactly why we have to do this.

    We want this site to be as fast as possible so you have the best experience while your here. We also need server admins to help us with some of the technical stuff. Here is the break down on how that looks.

    Server $410/month. This is a bit of overkill on the server and we might downgrade if needed but we want the site to be fast so that's the bill for now.
    Server Management $75/month. We can't get around this. We need the help when members have trouble accessing the site or if the site goes down in the middle of the night, etc...

    So, right there that's $485/month in money we have to raise. But that's not the end of it. We really want to add more features to the site. For example, we want to build out a dedicated garage function, create a dedicated mobile app, and provide prizes for Truck of the Month winners. This all costs money and that is why ads are needed.

    So, what kind of ads will we show? For the most part we will run Google Adsense ads which are very common throughout the internet. These ads target the topic of a site, the topic of a particular thread, and even your browsing history to know what ads to display.

    Some people use ad blockers and we know this happens. I'd simply ask you to consider allowing ads on this site to help us out. Even if you don't click on ads the ad impressions you see do make a big difference.

    Jon and I are willing to pitch in and fund this site as long as needed until it can stand on it's own two legs and we aren't asking for sympathy here. I just want people to understand why we are adding ads and I hope it makes sense.

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  3. Achromious

    Achromious New Member

    Adblock disabled. I appreciate you laying it all out, it definitely is nicer then places that just shove loads of ads on you without any real reasoning
  4. Hooligan

    Hooligan Rangerholic!!

    I don't think its a bad thing. I can navigate the site easily and the ads arent hindering anything here. I think its a good sign that the site is showing progress and with the ads we have the ability to move forward and make the site grow. Also, It kind of adds more color to the site as well!
  5. x2 I'm having no trouble at all, and they're not obnoxious ads either. Some of the ads on other sites are a pain because of the strobe effect lol
  6. RoadRanger

    RoadRanger -Skylark65-

    if you guy's are talking about the ad space at the top of the page i barly noticed the differance 'till it was pointed out, lol.
  7. OP

    Nathan Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks guys, I appreciate you understanding the need. We will never have any pop ups or annoying ads. We may add some placements for guests but we will keep the ads for members as few as possible.
  8. Achromious

    Achromious New Member

    Yeah exactly haha these really arent bad
  9. klinger86

    klinger86 Moderator

    i tihiknk it's fine as long as it doesnt gte to the point that you have more ads than post.... i'm all for the relevant ads i.e. summit racing and ford parts or sites that most members order from regularly.... but when you get on a site and it's advertising something completely irrelevant to what the site is then that's a turn off to me.....
  10. Captured Time

    Captured Time watch this and hold on

    this^^^^^ if it will help the site grow im all for it
  11. Hooligan

    Hooligan Rangerholic!!

    Lol...This made me laugh
  12. kozal01

    kozal01 New Member

    Gotta pay the bills somehow!
  13. Hooligan

    Hooligan Rangerholic!!

    Watch out for DA PIMP HAND!!
  14. buggman

    buggman Do not touch the trim!

    The ads aren't too distracting.

    Just like commercials on TV, gotta pay the bills :p
  15. rango88

    rango88 Chuck Norris Drove a Ram

    I dont mind it as long as they dont pop in the middle of the screen and are hard to ignore
  16. Achromious

    Achromious New Member

  17. X3 lol
  18. Hurley

    Hurley Superultramegalurker

    I think this is a step forward. I know on some sites, when you become a contributor the ads are gone. Will that be the case here? Not a big deal if not just curious.
  19. Franchi Motorsports

    Franchi Motorsports Ranger Forum Vendor

    Bills?!?!? What is this new word you keep speaking of?!? I pirate interzweb from thin air!
  20. OP

    Nathan Administrator Staff Member

    No, but let me explain why.
    Our goal long term is to bring you extremely targeted ads from companies that advertise with us direct instead of with Google. These advertisers come to us because they want to get their message across to our members. If we cut members (even paying members) off from advertisements it's less likely that they will be interested in advertising with us at all. That's one of a few reasons.

    We do plan to add more and more features to the contributing members status though.
  21. Hooligan

    Hooligan Rangerholic!!

    If I may add, I like the Asian single ad lol

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