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Discussion in '1983 - 1988 Ford Ranger' started by RangerDave85287, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. RangerDave85287

    RangerDave85287 New Member

    I currently drive a 1986 Ranger, 2wd, 4 cylinder, 5 spd manual.
    The power steering pump had to be placed due to age, however
    now the new one is leaking. Is this a common trait?
    With the same truck it seems to have no guts when it comes to
    take off. Seems to stall at random times, and at least take three
    cranks of the key for it to start. Is this also a common problem?

    Next, I just recently purchased a 1987 Ranger, 2wd, 4 cyl, Auto.
    Great looking truck, no body wear except for the tailgate. The
    strange thing with it is the fact that the transmission, no matter
    what gear its in, park, neutral, or even reverse, it wants to go'

    Does anyone have any advice on any of these problems? Your help
    would be gladly appreciated.
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    Yea, buy a chevy
  4. Jon

    Jon Administrator

  5. WesternPaRanger

    WesternPaRanger New Member


    If you're handy and have the time, switch the stick into the auto truck. If not there may just be something wrong with the auto shift linkage that it's showing that it's in a diffent gear but it's really staying in one or barely moving to another. If possible, have someone crawl under, with wheel chocks in place or jack stands in place if you have to jack it up and have them watch the linkage as you move the shifter. Hope that helps and give us an update.
    New power steering pumps should not leak, period, take it back as a lot of "new" parts are actually reconditioned and from time to time they aren't redone correctly.
    As far as the truck being "gutless" check out the listed horsepower on the truck and that might have something to do with it. I have a '97 2.3 and it's no tire burner by any means but the gas mileage is great!
  6. Bill

    Bill New Member

    Have read two post by ROOSTTHEMOON, won't look at his others. My vote is to bounce the punk.

    Sorry thread starter got distracted. Your question about the tranny, sounds like the shift linkage isn't connected internally. Something has gone haywire. Engine taking three tries to start, with engine off is there fuel at the rail? Thinking you're loosing the prime from the pump. No or low power, do a compression test. Hope this helps.
  7. wahip

    wahip New Member

    Originally Posted by ROOSTTHEMOON [​IMG]
    Yea, buy a chevy

    Had Chevy's in our family and can attest that their overall quality is nowhere near Ford's. Roost might have been lucky to find one of the FEW good Chevys! Didn't see Ford filing for bankruptcy last month, did you?

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