A?C Compressor burned out

Discussion in 'Maintenance Shop' started by What Now?, Aug 26, 2009.

  1. What Now?

    What Now? New Member

    About 4 years ago we noticed that regardless of wheter or not the function selector was on either A/C or MAX A/C, the compressor would kick in whenever the temperature control was turned below half way, in other words, if it was turned down, anywhere in the blue zone, the A/C compressor clutch engaged and the compressor started spinning. I thought nothing of it but since, the compressor has seized. I pulled the two prong multi plug off the side of the compressor to allow it to free wheel and that's the way it has been ever since but I don't want to leave it that way since first, there is now no A/C, and secondly, it has done something with the idle. The idle will hang up at 2,000 revs now when pushing in the clutch for stopping and also, if you now turn the selector switch to ANYTHING apart from the off or central position, the idle jumps up another bunch of revs above the 2,000 and stays there.

    I don't want to simply replace the compressor without finding out what the problem is and I asssume it's a common problem as a cursory glance at 3 litre Fords at the wreckers shows that many of them have had the A/C compressors yanked.

    Next, as a 1995 Ranger, if I simply replace the compressor, of course losing all the refrigerant in the process; will it be compatible with todays refrigerants?

    Thanks very much for any help.
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  3. Bill

    Bill New Member

    Should be a decal specifing the freon type. Probably 134. What speed does the engine idle at with the IAC disconnected. Should barely run at 400-500. Maybe some nice sole screwed in the screw not knowing the ECU controls idle thru the IAC.
  4. OP
    What Now?

    What Now? New Member

    Hi Bill and thanks for the response. The truck will idle about 2,000 revs. with the AC plug disconnected. It will hang up there and will sometimes roll down to a normal idle, but more often it doesn't. It's kind of disconcerting as you can approach an intersection, slowing down, push in the clutch, letting off the gas and have the idle surge higher than it was when coasting to the stop. Setting the climate selector to anything but off adds about 500 revs to this.
  5. Bill

    Bill New Member

    Just to clear things up, disconnect the IAC (idle air control) its bolted to the throttle body. This is the actuator to control idle speeds per the ECU. There is a manual screw on the throttle body (TB), that just presets the throttle opening so no binding occurs. Am thinking someone jacked with this as an amature attempt to set idle. Totally wrong!
  6. OP
    What Now?

    What Now? New Member

    Do you mean just unhook it temporarily to see if it's involved?

  7. Bill

    Bill New Member

    Yes, unplug it and run engine. It should idle very low, like 400-500RPM. Am hoping someone has jacked with the stop screw and thus the IAC is not maintaining your idle. The screw has only one function and that is to prevent the throttle from sticking or binding in the closed position. Its not an idle speed adjustment screw. Idle speed is controlled by the PCM thru the IAC.
  8. OP
    What Now?

    What Now? New Member

    It idles low

    You're right. It does idle low with the device unplugged. The idle problem is not consistent now. Yesterday, the truck was rather normal. It does race when different climate selections are made but not as much as it used to. I am beginning to wonder if the IAC doesn't need a bit of a cleaning.
  9. Bill

    Bill New Member

    Slow response but yes, clean the IAC, its best to remove it and use cleaner for the job. Check auto parts for the cleaner.

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