98 Ranger Acceleration shuddering/hesitating 45-55 MPH

Discussion in '1998 - 2011 Ford Ranger' started by mseebeck, Aug 29, 2017.

  1. mseebeck

    mseebeck New Member

    Hi all, new to the forum.

    1998 XL 4x2 3.0L V6. 462K miles on it, but the transmission was replaced at 423K, still under warranty. Live in Colorado and usually driving in 5000-7500 ft elevation if that matters any.

    When driving, at around 45-55 MPH it starts to shudder and hesitate. I hit the gas more and it shifts to the next gear and goes away at about 55 MPH. It doesn't happen on deceleration.

    Plugs and wires are fresh, no rotor and cap to replace. Short of a rear oil gasket leak, everything else on it seems to be fine.

    Anyone have any idea WTHeck is going on and what to do about it? Is this something with the transmission or throttle clutch/converter (I'm not even sure what the correct term is!), or something else?

    All help and advice are greatly appreciated.
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  3. DeanMk

    DeanMk Member

    FIRST...check the balance of your tires.
    I know, you didn't do anything with them, but this whole incident could be coincidental, because what you describe could be due to a wheel weight that was thrown around the time all this work took place (could also be a bad tire that just happened to pick RIGHT NOW to show you that its bad).
    ...if the tires check, good....
    Put a breakout box on it and I bet you'll pull a code from somewhere.
    Check everything AROUND the sensor that is giving the code and see if something else isn't effecting it.
    If that all checks out, perform the remedy to the part/area that the code points to.

  4. OP

    mseebeck New Member

    Actually found the problem.

    Turns out 4th gear was gone on the tranny.

    Replaced tranny under warranty.

    All is well.

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