97 ranger 3.0 won’t star

Discussion in '1993 - 1997 Ford Ranger' started by Tim Curtis, Jan 25, 2019.

  1. Tim Curtis

    Tim Curtis New Member

    replaced battery and alternator. Have int. Lights and buzzer, but nothing else. Just checked fuel pump kicks on. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. OldTimer

    OldTimer New Member

    Wow, Jan 25 and no replies yet???? Are you 100% sure the battery cables are not crossed, seen that before! Is the engine even turning over, that's the 1st step!
  4. ZappyBear

    ZappyBear Member

    Sounds like my '93 splash when I got it. Bad ground at ecm relay was my problem. There do you have a loose 2 pin round connector coming off the negative battery cable? That should be plugged into something underneath the fuse box in the engine bay.
  5. marg goodwin

    marg goodwin New Member

    What was the problem? 2007 ute hard to start have to wriggle key move gear stick from park to N back to park hold right up, normally starts 30secs
  6. ZappyBear

    ZappyBear Member

    Does it start in neutral? The "wiggle the key to shift" issue may be lock cylinder getting wore out and messing with alignment of the lock pin for the column shifter. Do you mean 30 seconds as in you crank it for 30 seconds? In that case bad check valves in fuel pump most likely, or leaky injectors flooding the intake.

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