93 Ford Ranger dual valve 4 cyl 2.3 ltr. won't stay started.

Discussion in '1993 - 1997 Ford Ranger' started by cbius1973, Nov 18, 2013.

  1. cbius1973

    cbius1973 New Member

    4 weeks ago, my uncle was driving home and didn't realize the Ranger was running hot. We live together and have always shared her. I do all the work on her. She has always had a slow leak, even after we replaced entire cooling system. He blew the head gasket. We couldn't afford to do a poper head job at the time and was recomended to use liquid glass until we could. So we did. Seemed to fix the issue for now until we can do it right. 3 weeks ago, I drove to gas station. After getting gas, the Ranger did not want to stay started. Would die as soon as started right there at the pumps. Never happened before. She finaly kept running for about 4 mi. The first time I had to slow down to turn, all heck broke loose. Acted as though was running out of gas. Spitting and sputtering, back firing, and couldn't get out of 1st gear. Barely made it off the rode and she hasn't run since. She will turn over but not fire up. First thought was fuel filter. Was just fine. Replaced the fuel pump. That wasn't it. Since then, I have replaced the MAF sensor, EGR valve and Egr valve position sensor. Did not help. She is getting fuel because we can smell it when trying to start her. When gas is sprayed directly into the breather, she runs like nothing ever happened until that gas is used up. Bought a code reader thinking that would tell us something but since we can't keep her running, it is no help. I've been thnking it has to has to be a a sensor. But which one? TPS maybe? O2 sensor? EGR valve solenoid? Or could it be the fuel pressure regulator? That is what I am leaning towards now. I don't have a guage to check it so just going to replace it. Have been told that severe engon over heating can damage the switch that controls the EGR valve. Not sure. Been working on her every day for 3 weeks. And have gotten nowhere accept she has a new fuel pump, MAF, EGR valve and EGR valve position sensor. Starting to get expensive. Live out in the country no where near somwhere that can put her on a machine and tell me what is going on. Does anyone have any ideas? If help is out there, than please help.
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  3. Tonyroy1

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  4. Tonyroy1

    Tonyroy1 New Member

    Ignition module is bad...Had the same problem..Replaced...everything good!

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