87 ford ranger 2.9 cranks but wont start FIXED

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by rcampadonia, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. rcampadonia

    rcampadonia 87' Ranger XLT 4X4 2.9 V6

    Spent all weekend replacing the radiator and heater core in my truck. was overheating all the time. think my heater core was clogged, now it runs nice and cold, barely reading on the temp gauge. Anyways got all done was running great , turned it off , went to start it back up and it wouldnt start. Cranked over and seemed like it wanted to start but wouldnt , almost like out of gas. Took me a while but finally found the problem. Theres a little hose coming out of the fuel pressure regulator and connecting to the master cylinder. Bout the size of a WD-40 hose , Had a little hairline crack in it. Used electrical tape just to get me down the road sure enough , fuel pumps started making a funny noise and she started right up :D got the hose replaced and havent had the problem since. Pretty important little hose. Runs alot smoother as well.

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