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Discussion in 'Drivetrain Tech' started by toadboy, Aug 15, 2018.

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    Hey all, first time posting here. I haven't seen my specific issue, so I thought I'd spark a new conversation. I have a 99 3.0 flex 4x4 with a 4r44e trans. I have had the truck for a few weeks, and bought it without knowing much history. I trailered it home as it was in "limp" mode when I went to look at it. Long story short, after installing an updated valve body, I have no first gear. Reverse works flawlessly. Smooth. I have to start in D2, but once rolling, I can select OD and the trans upshifts and downshifts great. But if I stop I have to drop down into D2 and repeat. Just no D1. Can't even put selector in D1? Everthing I can find says D1 and reverse use the same band? I have never worked on automatics, and the valve body job pushed my abilities! Any suggestions are appreciated! Don't be shy, any suggestions are better than what I have. Gosh, it shifts so good once rolling.....

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