4 wheel drive not working

Discussion in 'Maintenance Shop' started by whisky, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. whisky

    whisky New Member

    I put a 3"bodylift on over the summer and all went good but now its snowing and my 4 wheel wont do anything. No light that it says it on. Any ideas? Its a 2001 no time to fill in sig right now
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  3. Jelly's Ford

    Jelly's Ford Riding High in the Saddle

    You may have disconnencted wire/s running to the transfer case that realizes the truck is in 4X4 and sends no signal to the instrument panel. Is your truck a turn knob 4X4 selector like near the air vents or a stick in the floor?
  4. OP

    whisky New Member

    It has a switch by the heater vents. Right now its in 4wd but the 4wd light isnt on on the dash. Im afraid to turn it to 2wd because it might not go back to 4wd. The other day the self test 4wd lites came on when I started it but they dont show now. Before I did switch it to 2wd but it stayed in 4wd so Im thinking it has something to do with the switch itself?
  5. Jelly's Ford

    Jelly's Ford Riding High in the Saddle

    That sounds like the problem to me. The whole switch itself may have a short in it? I don't really know.This sounds like a problem for a trained mechanic to work on. Sorry I can't help ya much.
  6. OP

    whisky New Member

    I pulled the fuse and put it back in and its working like it should so I dont know what the deal is. I did find another guy that posted the exact same issue on a different ranger forum so Im gonna get ahold of him and see if he came up with anything. thanks
  7. Jelly's Ford

    Jelly's Ford Riding High in the Saddle

    Alright cool man. I hope the fuse was the only issue! A much easier and low cost fix. Let us know what ya find out from the other guy.
  8. 02RGRSP

    02RGRSP New Member

    I have an 02 4WD with the same problem. after I try the switch about a dozen times I get it to go in, it comes out first try.

    Where / what fuse is it in the box ?

    Yes first post, this looks like a good place for 4wd rangers.
  9. OP

    whisky New Member

    Thread is old but it wasnt the switch it was the 4x4 moduler. Its located behind the passanger side kick panel. Held by 2 bolts and has a plug. Dealer wanted 380 for the moduler at that time. I bought one at silverstar ford online for 134.00 no problems since
  10. Teamexploder

    Teamexploder Explorer Member

    For someone searching for an answer to their 4wd problem. Sometimes it is the shift motor on the back of the transfer case, to try you can put your switch to 4hi and then tap on the motor with a hammer and if it engages then you know that's the problem. Keep exercising it after wards but if it stops again you may have to replace the bushing on the motor.
  11. rangerwheelinmike

    rangerwheelinmike New Member

    yup i had to change mine it would olny mess up in the winter so i changed it with another used one and never had a problem
  12. smzfab

    smzfab New Member

    4 wheel drive ****ch is on the panel next to the aird vents

    I was told that if you may jus bang on the motor with a rubber melet, it would solve the problem. We tried that and the lights turned off for a while but came back on. Our truck a turn knob, and we were trying to pull it out. In order to do so we have to take off the radio????? Do you know if there is an easier way, or if it is the right way?

  13. 02RGRSP

    02RGRSP New Member

    In conclusion with mine not working..... It turned out to be the Control Module under the kickplate. When it started to go it would work when the truck was warm inside and then after a while not at all. I got a used one from a local auto junk yard and it's been been working great. I also had my battery go a while back like a few of you guys in posts above. When I put in my new CM (used) I had to give my transfur case motor a couple taps to get it working, now everything seems fine.
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2012
  14. Hooligan

    Hooligan Rangerholic!!

    Glad to hear you got it fixed!
  15. Joejoe52

    Joejoe52 New Member

    4WD not working

    FWIW my brother had an 01 4WD when his 4WD wouldn't work in the winter garage told him to turn the heat up full and let the cab module warm up and it worked every time.
  16. Frank B

    Frank B New Member

    I put my 01 Ranger in 4 low. When I took it out the 4 low light is still on but the truck is in 2 high. It wont go in 4 wheel high or pow but the 4low light is still on.
  17. Rodest

    Rodest New Member

    It seems earthing problem mostly happen in winter season. It is the moisture which causes problem
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2013

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