4.0l engine questions

Discussion in 'Engine Tech' started by Bob Palmer, Apr 16, 2019.

  1. Bob Palmer

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    i was looking at some ranger 4x4 trucks and it seems most have the 4.0l engine. but in doing some you tubes looking for interference of them i see the 4x4 engine area bear if the chins go out. have to pull the engine. so did that really ever go away. a friend told me the early 4.0l engine had pushroda then around 2000 they went to sovc engines and the games begin. he works as a mechanic for the post office and those truck that had that engine he said were a bear to work on. but i thinks that ford changed that later on. so if they did when did that happen? i see a lot of older rangers with like 200k on them but being the timing chains were an issue i stay away thinking those are for sale becasue of this issue.

    also how if the 3.0l i hear that is a much better engine for durability but i do not see many 4x4 truck with that engine so maybe that engine is not a good setup for the 4x4. may be a bit under powered. but if not how do these engine hold up when they start getting up towards 200k on them thanks

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