For Sale: 4.0L and 3.0L Decals

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    gcextreme GCEXTREME Vendor


    Custom created vinyl graphics.
    All graphics are High Quality 6-year life ORACAL 651 Vinyl.
    Custom Requests accepted.

    4.0L SOHC Power dome hood decals (2 for $16 shipped)
    3.0L VULCAN decals (2 for $16 shipped)
    RANGER DANGER decals (2 for $16 shipped)
    DANGER RANGER decals (2 for $16 shipped)
    FORD RANGER decals (2 for $16 shipped)
    RANGER decals (2 for $10 shipped)
    4x4 custom decals (prices vary)
    OVAL EMBLEM decals (prices vary)

    Red, Black, Orange, Pink, White, Forest Green, King Blue, Yellow

    Other Special colors: (cost more)
    Silver/Chrome (Limited supply on hand)

    I can get other colors as requested....


    3.0L OHV or 3.0L VULCAN Decals are also available!!

    To see more examples and more custom stuff, visit my thread in the Vendor area:

    I accept Paypal.
    I will also accept Checks/Money Orders.

    Items WILL NOT be made/cut, until payment is received.
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