4.0 V6 an option on a 95 Ranger XL Reg Cab?

Discussion in '1993 - 1997 Ford Ranger' started by corradokid05, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. corradokid05

    corradokid05 New Member

    Hey All,

    As I had put in a previous post, I recently inherited this Ranger from my Uncle in-law and plan to take great care and get great use out of er. I somewhat question the motor in it and unfortunately can't ask my uncle because he passed away a while back, but he was a crazy motor head - so it wouldn't surprise me if he had swapped a motor at some point.

    Anyway... It's a 1995 Ranger XL Standard Cab 2WD with a 4.0L V6. After doing some research, I am having a hard time finding sites like edmunds, etc... that actually list the 4.0 V6 as an option for an 2WD XL standard cab. Was this an option or did he swap this motor at some point?

    Tach has 125k on it which is great for a 95... wondering how easy roll backs are in these and if he maybe swapped a motor and rolled the tach back to match. It wouldn't surprise me one bit since he had a 4 car garage, lift, motor lift, and 4 complete/almost complete buick and ford muscle cars in the garage.

    Any input would be great... was this an option for this body?


    Photo for reference... (taken on the day I picked it up... still dirty from sitting since December.)
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  3. mfernandes

    mfernandes Simply...FORD

    Get a 4.0 and swap it man!!!

    There in the US youll find everything you need to do the swap correctly.

    Or, or... you can go the evil way and get 8 beautifull cylinders in V from an explorer.

    God damn I live too far away, Id got for a swap for sure!!!!
  4. OP

    corradokid05 New Member

    I'm not asking if I should swap a 4.0 into it... i already have a 4.0!! I'm asking if the specs of the truck I listed make sense for a 4.0 to have come stock. :blink:
  5. mfernandes

    mfernandes Simply...FORD

    I thought it was a 4 cylinder, I didnt know XL trucks could have the 4.0.

    Its easy to roll the odometer back

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