For Sale: 2010 Ranger XLT Supercab 27k miles

Discussion in 'Ranger Forum Classifieds' started by AaronSewell, Sep 14, 2017.

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    2010 Ranger XLT Supercab with regular box. Just 26,998 miles from one owner. Kelly Blue Book has average miles for this vehicle at over 80k. Extremely rare to find one in this condition for sale. Aftermarket heated seats and rear view mirror.

    This will almost certainly be sold by end of today (9/14). I dont have an exact price being as it hasn't gone through all necessary steps. But my manager is able to work a deal with it being in the condition it is in. It will be selling in the low to mid $20,000 range. Shipping would be up to you arrange and pay for.

    Starting 8am Pacific time on September 14th, the first person that we get that agrees on terms and puts a deposit down will have rights to the vehicle. You can reach me at work by callin (509)663-2111 and asking for Aaron. Or you can call or text me on my cell phone at any time (509)885-2016. IMG_0162.jpg IMG_0164.jpg IMG_0165.jpg IMG_0166.jpg IMG_0167.jpg IMG_0168.jpg IMG_0169.jpg IMG_0170.jpg IMG_0162.jpg IMG_0164.jpg IMG_0165.jpg IMG_0166.jpg IMG_0167.jpg IMG_0168.jpg IMG_0169.jpg IMG_0170.jpg

    I work at the Town Ford Lincoln dealership in East Wenatchee, WA. I was able to acquire this rig in a deal at the end of the day on Wednesday. I wanted to get it available to a larger market, especially targeted to an audience that would appreciate it. One owner vehicle, all service records in hand and clean auto check to verify.

    Keep in mind that this vehicle came in at the very end of the day. We had no time to do a single thing to this truck except drive it down from out parking lot to our bottom staging lot for trades. That goes to show how well this vehicle was taken care of (especially the picture of the engine. It is immaculate). That being said we are required to send it through our shop before being able to sell it. Crazier thing have happened but per our evaluation no work is expected to need being done.

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