2010 Ford SHO

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Jon, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. Jon

    Jon Administrator

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  3. Nathan

    Nathan Administrator Staff Member

    I'm glad they brought the Taurus back. It was a great car for a while and then their design went down hill. Looks better than the Accord now!
  4. Tonya Gilmore

    Tonya Gilmore New Member

    Looks nice [​IMG]
  5. Lenn

    Lenn Semper Paratus !!

    Nice look. Merauder style wheels look good on that car. I doubt though that we will see the front lip on the production model. Can you say "Parking lot barrier"??
  6. Tonya Gilmore

    Tonya Gilmore New Member

  7. Lenn

    Lenn Semper Paratus !!

    Looks alot like the Focus ST.
  8. mikey

    mikey New Member

    When will they put a manual transmission in these!!!
    Any true driving nut laughs at an automatic.
    I don't care how good the tranny is, if you build a serious performance car, you need to offer a manual cog box.

    Of course...that just my opinion.....
  9. blueovelboy

    blueovelboy the original ranger

    it looks like the fusion and thats one nice riding car with plenty of get up and go we drove ares to disneyland and at the tap of my foot it would scream like a raped ape!!!!!
  10. 94mtx

    94mtx 2wd 4" lifted

    Agree with the 6spd option

    I have owned several shos and prefer the manual over the auto. hands down. Of course I prefer a stick over an auto. in everything. More control of the vehicle, more fun to drive, just an all around better vehicle.
    But the new SHO!! Very Fast!!
    Twin turbos:eek::eek::furious::furious::thumbsup::thumbsup:
    All wheel drive:D:D:D
  11. jp7

    jp7 New Member

    You do realize that the turbos on this engine are very very small, and only spool to about 8psi?

    Also, its not really "all wheel drive" - none of the modern fords are. The rear wheels only drive when it sees the fronts spinning faster. So in other words the car is front wheel drive until the wheel speed sensors see the front wheels slipping.

    If you want real turbo with real all wheel drive options for you are mostly mitsu or subie.

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