2001 2.3 bubbling coolant reservoir/ good compression

Discussion in '1998 - 2011 Ford Ranger' started by John Obenauf, Apr 27, 2023.

  1. John Obenauf

    John Obenauf New Member

    Welp. I’m stumped. My coolant is bubbling and puking out the reservoir.
    Replaced reservoir thinking it had a leak or bad cap.
    Replaced thermostat 2 months ago.
    Replaced radiator w thermostat (had small leak)
    Not overheating at all, but gets a little warm after it pukes out enough coolant at highway speed.
    Good compression on all cylinders. Less than 3 lb variation, cold and warm.
    No coolant in oil. No oil in coolant.
    No appreciable loss of power.
    Owned truck for 6 years and it’s never overheated on my watch.
    I’m stumped y’all.
    Bubbling stops appx 1 min after shutdown, and it’s nowhere close to hot.
    Anyone else had this happen?
    2001 2.3 154k 5spd

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