2.5L Tune Up Q?

Discussion in '2.5 Engine' started by DeanMk, May 22, 2015.

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    I've got a '98 XL with 2.5L and it will soon pass 15K since the last tune-up (plugs and wires).

    Back in the good ol' days it was recommended that one get a tune up once a year, but in this modern world of DIS ignition systems, is this still the practice?
    I know the car makers mention that DIS allows for long intervals between tune-ups. I remember GM mentioning at one time that there was no need to change plus and wires for 100K miles, but I'm skeptical of these super long intervals.
    The wires and plugs have not changed, only the way they're lit.

    So what do you guys do?

    Do you adhere to the "tried and true" yearly schedule, or do you go by a certain mileage, or are you asking What is this "Tune, Up" that you speak of?

    I've got an oil & filter change coming up, so I thought I'd hit both at the same time, but this is my first vehicle with DIS.

    FWIW, it's running fine. I just want to keep it that way.


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