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Discussion in '2.5 Engine' started by bodell, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. bodell

    bodell New Member

    I have owned a 98 Ford Ranger for about five years there is yet to be more than one day or maybe two days that it has run properly.
    I always get the same code number two plugs misfireing. The 2.5 L has two spark plugs per cylinder. Pull the plugs there soaked with fuel.
    Replaced the plugs and it runs pretty well for a while a while being a day or two. I had a diagnostic done on it, it said I had bad injectors so I replaced all four of them. It runs better than it ever had for probably a week then back to the same crap. I have changed coil packs oxygen sensors injectors plugs wires still runs back. From what I've been told there's not very many of them 2.5 dual plug motors. Supposedly they have refueled dampener but not a fuel regulator and I thought all fuel injected motors had to have a regular.
    So if there's anybody out there that can help me with my problem please feel free to answer back.
    Thanks bodell[​IMG]
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  3. chilsam

    chilsam New Member

    Try the rangerstation site also

    more input better chance of solving your problem.:thumbsup:
  4. OP

    bodell New Member

    I have ordered athrottle position sensor it will be in a couple of days and I'm going to try that next.
  5. klinger86

    klinger86 Moderator

    I know some fuel pumps out there(not sure if the 2.5 has them or not) have the fuel pressure regulator in the tank with the fuel pump. I will have to do a little research. I have the exact same engine and not had any major trouble with it yet.
  6. DeanMk

    DeanMk Member

    If the plugs were wet, then the misfire code is correct.
    How new injectors fixed that (even temporarily) is a mystery to me.
    Shouldn't have made a difference.
    Swapping in new coils didn't seem to solve your problem, so I'm thinking you may have a bad crank trigger or some kind of wiring problem on the ignition side of things.
    FWIW, my 2.5 has been running great but the engine lacks a bit of bottom end pull. This was a complaint that Ford heard and why that engine only existed for 4 model years before being replaced by the Duratech engines.
    The 2.5 does have a pretty successful lineage, though, as it essentially a stroked 2.3L "Pinto" engine.

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