1999 Ford Ranger Flooded

Discussion in '1998 - 2011 Ford Ranger' started by 55bp, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. 55bp

    55bp New Member

    I have a 99 Ranger Sport 3.0 flex fuel and i was pulled over on a back road and arrested and my truck was left where it was, for those who are interested I was arrested for going beyond the point of self defense in a fight. Well the road floods and my truck was flooded the water level was just under the gas flap and cap. I've changed the oil, new transmission fluid, new differential fluid, and air filter. I tried to start it and it turns over and sounds like its out of gas but it has a full tank(not that I think this is part of the problem but more like thats what it sounds like) I am unsure what to try next, I'm thinking spark plugs and wires and checking under the distribution cap for moisture as this would ground out the current if I'm thinking correctly. Anyone with experience with this or that has any comments or ideas please let me know, I've exhausted myself and this is all I've come up with so if you can help then please do post.
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  3. Jon

    Jon Administrator

    Welcome to the site! Sorry about all the troubles. I'm sure some more tech people will be around to help!
  4. Rangerak

    Rangerak New Member

    don't bother looking under the distributor cap cuz it should not have one. Ford did away with the distributor in 1996. wires and plugs could help but I doubt that the water gort to them as they are higher up than the gas flap. You could pull the wires and see if moisture is inside them on the coil pack. Be careful when pulling them if they have been on there for a long time and especially if they are aftermarket. Sometimes they come apart when people try to remove them. A fuel filter could be the culprit and is inexpensive and worth changing periodically too. Do you hear the fuel pump come on when you turn the key on? Should hear a little whine noise for a second or so when the key is turned to the on setting, but without trying to start it. Could be that there is water damage to the wiring of the fuel pump which is lower than the fuel flap/tube. Your gasket/seal on the fuel pump where the fuel lines enter the gas tank could have leaked some water into the tank if the truck stayed under water for a period of time.
  5. Bill

    Bill New Member

    Open the hood and check for spark at the plugs. Check for fuel at the fuel rail. Procede from there as to course of repair.
  6. Bill

    Bill New Member

    Am I bad, just noticed thread is 15 or so days old. Guess all is good.
  7. OP

    55bp New Member

    The truck runs, and everything seemed to be in decent working order, then I lost first gear, I noticed the steel lines seem to have seized and I do not think it is getting enough fluid, the water pump went out, which I replaced but now my temperature varies as I drive but it never gets too far past the middle, and uh my front end is real shaky whenever I go faster than 70, and my fan clutch is out(not too big of a deal since I may have an overheating problem anyway) and the oil pan gasket came out by the crankshaft which was very fun to replace (Thank you Ford genius's for setting it up so I had to take apart everything to get to it) And Thanks for all the replies as well any more info or help would be appreciated, I am also considering just putting another motor I have any the truck and any input on that would be appreciated as well. I have a 351 Modified and a 351 Cleveland.
  8. Ranger99

    Ranger99 New Member

    the 351 is too big to fit into the truck with out major mods. believe me i have tried it before and isnt worth the hassle.
  9. Rangerak

    Rangerak New Member

    Not only is it to big to fit well it is a lot heavier and Ranger frames and front end parts are not designed to carry that much weight. Can be done with lots and lots of money and a few thousand hours of labor. I agree that it is not worth the effort. Find a running junkyard engine or one that has been tested and is good. You will be much happier and have a lot less problems to solve.

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