1998 4.0 5 speed help pcm issues?

Discussion in '4.0 Engine' started by partytyme, Jan 13, 2013.

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    ok thanks for reading this post
    i have an 1998 mazda b4000[ranger re-badged]
    of it seems to think its a harley it likes riding on tow trucks
    it loses spark and the fuel pump will not run the check engine light fails to light..
    if you let it sit the check engine light comes on then it will run some times for days some times for just a few miles with no warning it shuts off their is no alarm system factory or otherwise we have changed out the pcm and it acts the same way with both of them unhooking the battery don't help when it fails to run you can not read the codes then when it heals itself the check engine light works and you can read the computer {no codes stored }
    replaced all the relays, cam senser, i have been looking for the pcm pin out so i can compare the running state to the doa state i am at whits end with this truck . it runs like a new truck when it runs but you can not trust it to take it anywhere...thanks party...

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