1996 3.0 Vacuume & sensor location diagram

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    I bought a 96 Ranger W/O engine, I am installing the origional engine (3.0) they had converted the truck to run a 4.0. I am having problems finding any actual pictures I can use to physically see. The complete donor engine came out of a 95 Areostar. I have changed most of the sensors out,changed the driverside exhaust manifold and replaced the harmonic balancer and having problems finding the right engine mount brackets (from engine to mount)and where the motor mounts are supposed to be in the crossmember(there are 2 different places on each side to mount). But would help greatly if I had pictures where I can see all the plumming and anything else in the engine compartment. If anyone has any ideas it would be appreciated! I have checked the local salvage yards and no rangers with 3.0's that I can look at to compare to.
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