1991 Ford Ranger, transmission leak

Discussion in '1989 - 1992 Ford Ranger' started by Seth Crowther, Jun 8, 2020.

  1. Seth Crowther

    Seth Crowther New Member

    I was freeway driving after driving on country roads for about 30 minutes, I looked in my mirrors just as smoke started from the back. I pulled off the freeway and oil was coming from the underside of my truck. Oil had run down to the axle from the driveline. It had left a good puddle of what I’m thinking was transmission fluid on the freeway behind me. I have taken the transmission out after getting it pulled home. When I lowered the tail end, little transmission fluid came out. I’ve replaced that transmission before but there haven’t been any leaks until now. The oil seems to have came from in between the engine and transmission. There was a pretty good drip after I stopped also. Thank you for your help!


    1991 Ford Ranger xlt 3.0 engine
    A4ld automatic transmission
    2 wheel drive
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  3. PeteB

    PeteB Member

    It sounds like the front pump seal is leaking. Often times they will blow this seal out and cause a significant leak. You'll notice "stake" marks around the perimeter of the seal when its installed. If it was replaced without "re-staking" it. it could have blown out. That's where I would start. Hope this helps.

  4. OP
    Seth Crowther

    Seth Crowther New Member

    Thank you Pete. I will look into that.
    -have a great day!

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