What is your favorite mod or mods you've done?

Discussion in 'Aftermarket Products, Reviews & Installation' started by Hooligan, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. jayzranger

    jayzranger cbrepair-wxal626

    my new engine i put in mine a month ago
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  3. adsm08

    adsm08 New Member

    I dunno, there are so many good ones.

    The 4.0 clutch is nice, but so are my seats, my M5OD, my 4-wheel disc brakes... my lights just look awesome, and when I see pics of it before the grille guard it just looks weird now.

    My least favorite is the limited slip, but that is because I was too cheap/lazy to replace the clutches and now they chatter.
  4. 06FordFX4

    06FordFX4 Canadian Redneck

    my favorite mod to date would have to be the tires.
    totally changed the way the truck drives and handles.
  5. Bob C. of Indiana

    Bob C. of Indiana Where's The Cheeto's?

    I have several but the Thunderbolt mirrors has to be my fav.....http://youtu.be/oxnO1gerW0I


    Next Mustang Dome Light


    Black Ford Emblems

    06 Tails


    06 Fender Emblems


    Bed light


    Black tailpipe extension


    New Headlights and fogs


    The wheel center caps were painted dark black with black Ford emblems,also black steering wheel black Ford emblem...I like them all,LOL :yes:
    If you don't have the correct year mirrors these blinkers look good too
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2013
  6. OP

    Hooligan Rangerholic!!

    I like the Ford emblems. Who did them?
  7. Bob C. of Indiana

    Bob C. of Indiana Where's The Cheeto's?

  8. OP

    Hooligan Rangerholic!!

    Very cool dude! They look great
  9. Bob C. of Indiana

    Bob C. of Indiana Where's The Cheeto's?

    Thanks Hooligan! Next is the blinker mod then I am going to leave it alone,maybe some new seat covers in the future...
  10. Ghost120980

    Ghost120980 New Member

    I've taken the front seats out of my 1989 Merkur xr4ti, and mounted them in my 1996 Ranger extcab. Gave me a more comfortable ride, plus they help keep me in my seat going around corners.
  11. RangerAl

    RangerAl Member

    Dufftuff traction bars to the rear. Replace the transmission shift rail plugs with metal plugs. Also replace the pilot bearing with bushing. Converted the front CV axles to non-vacuum system. Made skid plate for the engine. Converted the blinking mod, installed USB outlets in the cab and to the bed (have camper shell) and bed away from hotel.
  12. Ernest Formolo

    Ernest Formolo New Member

    Mountaineer package change over.
    I successfully rewired my dash harness to include most of the Mountaineer package options.
    The electronic overhead console, visors and rear view mirror was a near perfect fit into the headliner.
    I integrated the automatic temperature control, auto headlamps, full function steering column with radio/climate controls. All work perfectly.
    I also found a really nice exact fit aftermarket radio with all of the modern features like GPS, Android, Sirus. Well done face that makes it look like it was a factory option and I found the factory wood grain bezel to go around it.
    I just recently changed the steering wheel over to the wood grip. The leather grip shown in picture was just too gooey and sticky. The wood grip just finished the interior look.
    All of what I did looks like factory delivered and operates per factory specs. The whole interior has that clean factory fresh look and feel.
    I really enjoy driving my Ranger and none of what I have done has stopped me from using it as it was intended. I continue to use the 4x4 to pull watercraft in and out of water, haul home depot projects to the house, run about the kids to school and events.
    I always liked it as it was but now it is just better and more comfortable. I can drive 3 hours and have the outside temperature change 70 degrees and the ATC handles it nicely and no more dead battery because I left the headlights on.
    One more thing that I did was change every light over to LED. Interior, Exterior, and Fog/head lamps are all now LED. Less load on battery, dash pops at night, and door open - I see every thing in the cab at night.
    I like my Ranger.
  13. Ernest Formolo

    Ernest Formolo New Member

    Two aftermarket mod that I have done and really like are:
    Windshield wiper shakers. Great for wet snow and also great for tree garbage - twigs leaves and such.
    Another one is the Westin lighted running boards. Perfect fit and looks spectaculay.
  14. Timothy Key

    Timothy Key New Member

    what rims are those? Still trying to pick the right ones for my ranger. Thank You,

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