Water Leaking into Drivers Side Solved

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    I have a 98 Ranger and it has been leaking water into the drivers side cab. I've seen many posts and questions on this topic for both Rangers and Explorers, but have never been able to find an answer. Well my Dad and I took the fender off and believe we have solved it. The only way to really explain is by pictures. <br />
    [​IMG]<br />
    [​IMG]<br />
    The first picture is behind the e brake assembly, in the very top corner of the floor pan, that's where there was a gap.
    It seems like it was a design flaw by Ford where they had a big gap between the firewall leading into the cab and they just filled it in with that foamy stuff that just absorbs water. So we're siliconing the crap out of it and hopefully that stops the leak.

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