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Discussion in '1989 - 1992 Ford Ranger' started by Digitalsam, Aug 8, 2013.

  1. Digitalsam

    Digitalsam New Member

    I have a 92 3.0 ranger. Has a few issues that I would like help with.

    1. Truck seems low on power. Barely makes it up long hills. Seems to wind up easily and engine seems rather high pitched and whiny... No deep growling engine sounds.

    2. How in the name of all that is good and decent are you supposed to get to the spark plugs and replace them? Any tips?

    3. Truck jumps when it shifts into second. There is a slight delay when putting it into reverse and it wants to lurch back when it does. Any ideas?

    4. How much can I except out of this type of truck. I replaced a 94 Jeep Grand Cherokee with the Ranger and am a little worried that it is not up for much besides a computer vehicle.
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  3. ZRanger28

    ZRanger28 Got boost?

    1. Sounds like a transmission issue. and its a small displacement v6 its not gonna sound like a 5.7l v8. Never will and never can.
    2. Get creative. Or take out the wheel wells.
    3. Check your trans fluid. Had a truck in shop that did this. It was low in fluid abs needed a new filter. Damage is already done but it is still driving now
    4. They are great vehicles when taken care of. The 3.0 is incredibly underpowered and slow. Nature of that engine. It was built for a car not a truck. Usually a well taken care of 3.0 can get 300,000 miles. Transmissions are about 200,000 if not beat to hell. And your cherokke is a unibody vehicle. Atleast you have a frame now.

    Colin, E99 F250 7.3 6spd 4" turbo back straight pipe, Autometer boost and Pyro, 340,000 miles

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