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Discussion in '1993 - 1997 Ford Ranger' started by 95 Splash, Nov 5, 2014.

  1. 95 Splash

    95 Splash New Member

    Lately its been happening more often. On acceleration around 3000 rpms it is difficult to remain at highway speeds the truck starts to shudder, hesitate, buck whatever you want to call it, its unbearable. I have a 95 Ranger Splash 4x4 4.0l V6. 5 speed. Idles somewhat rough but drives in town just fine. I can notice it if I floored it in town in 2nd or 3rd gear. It happens all the time on the highway.

    I've seen to many bad stories on people that have taken this issue to a shop. I've read many forums that are this exact problem and I've seen tons of parts thrown at it and very few solutions. Along with this, Months ago, there used to be an issue where when warm, it would not restart until it cooled down I fixed this by replacing the underhand fuel pump relay. I replaced the other two as well hoping this would also fix the hesitation issue. The hesitation would come and so I have to assume the issue is electrical. Since this happens before anything has warmed up I'm going to rule out a few things. If I remember correctly OBD2 systems disregard various sensors until in closed loop. So with that I can rule out most of the sensors. If the PCM is bad will the engine still run? I do not have a check engine light when I turn the key on without starting the engine. I do know that it worked before as I covered it with a phone holster since it was lit all the time with a small evaporative leak code that never went away. The bulb could be out, sure that's fitting for how my luck

    What's been done in the past year. Most were just regular maintenance and not to solve this problem.

    Fuel, oil, air filters. Plugs wires under hood relays all fuses ok cleaned connections checked grounds battery good no vacuum leaks no arcs when sprayed with water in the dark. Replayed idle air control. Replaced valve cover gaskets
    Used injector cleaners and whatnot.

    If anyone responds I can get into more detail I'm just sick of this shit. I love my ranger I'm not giving up on it
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  3. ZappyBear

    ZappyBear Member

    I've got a splash with 4.0l manual and it bucks/shudders when taking off and just cruising through town. Similar problem to yours, but opposite situation. I've read of people replacing the coil pack with a hotter one like the screamin demon packs. You may want to double check your plugs and gaps just in case. But, I'd say at 3000 rpms, you may want to check your fuel pump for pressure and flow rate. Just out of curiosity, what mph is 3000 rpm in 5th gear?
  4. Dchad53

    Dchad53 Member

    Anybody try a mass air flow sensor? My 97 4 cyl started hard,barely idled and ran like crap. I tried my buddies
    MAF and just like that it was cured. I was amazed. I had cleaned it several times to no avail. I figured it had
    to be something else.

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