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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by machine, May 9, 2011.

  1. machine

    machine Banned

    after 43 years of not ever having a g/f and my depression has made me eat more, and I have ballooned up to over 385lbs. If no women would date me when I was 180lbs 20 years ago, they surely won't now. I never ever had a woman do a "second take" when I walked by (you know when you have to "look twice" at someone because they are so good looking)at bars, women never ever would talk to me.
    I get so jealous hearing about people who were born 10, 20, 25 years after I was, talking about their wife, girlfriend, ***ual conquests, etc..
    like the Bruce springsteen song lyric goes- "Everybody needs a place to rest, everybody wants to have a home, don't make no difference what nobody say's, ain't nobody like to be alone"
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  3. that's a permanent solution to a temporary problem dude.

    work out get off the couch and computer, you can do it focus.
    make it happen, it can happen you know.
    get a dog and walk that ****Ker , keep strong!
    MOVE to a hot climate you sweat it off real fast, plus winter is always depressing when it's cold and gray out
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  4. Hooligan

    Hooligan Rangerholic!!

    I agree with Diablo. Keep your chin up man, I have been there myself. Make yourself happy, you need to be happy no matter what. Believe me dude, I know the lonely feeling all too well from after having a whole family then losing it. But dude, weight doesnt make a difference man, I thought I couldnt and wouldnt find anyone because of the same reasons you said but I was proved wrong. Put yourself out there, be proud of yourself!! You have alot of insights on several things dude, I feel you're pretty reluctant about going out to meet people so try some on line things man. Everyone has their time, some times patience and taking chances work very well to better your odds. My biggest thing I can preach is something I learned myself. When I am on my death bed, I dont want to think about the chances I didnt take and the What ifs I opted out on. Stay strong man, keep your focus and dont let anything pass you by, be determined to set goals and meet those goals. You will find out alot about yourself when you do that.
  5. Teamexploder

    Teamexploder Explorer Member

    Not at all worth Diablo said, get up walk, get a tread mill take baby steps, work out with a weight bench and you'll get into shape that doesn't always matter either some women are actually practical and just want a good guy they can trust and believe in. Get a dog to do things with and take to the park and enjoy spending time with, they're great companions/friends. Give it more thought, think it out more and think of what you can be doing right now that people with less fortunate health issues only wish they could do.

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