The poor old 66 F-100

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by 1990ranger4x4, Jul 1, 2012.

  1. 1990ranger4x4

    1990ranger4x4 Too high for fat chicks

    So me and my dad went to check on my great-grampas old 66 F-100 that we were going to restore. The property had not been lived on in a few years, so the truck was left (not by my choice) since my gramma that lived there moved away. We showed up and noticed that there were some fresh trails where somebody had been going back to around where the truck is. We walked back there and noticed that the truck had been beet up a little bit. The roof had a big dent in it and the hood looked like somebody had danced on it. We got in the cab and were able to push most of the dent out. While we were looking around it trying to make a plan on how to remove it, my dad noticed that the VIN plate had been removed. That made the truck basically become a parts truck since we can't get it registered or even a new title with it like that. So sadly, we had to leave it there. I am still trying to find a donor truck that we can move parts onto and restore using this one. If you want more info about the truck, just comment and I should be able to answer it.
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  3. pooleo

    pooleo New Member


    That sucks.

    I had a 64 with a 460 and a c6. (someone had put that in there)
  4. OP

    1990ranger4x4 Too high for fat chicks

    Yeah. It really does suck since I have dreamed about restoring it all of my life. This one has the 300 I6 with the 3 on the tree converted to a floor shifter.
  5. pooleo

    pooleo New Member

    My 67 was a 3 on the tree. Had a 352 in it.
  6. Hurley

    Hurley Superultramegalurker

    Dude that sucks so bad. Sorry to hear that. I could see some kid ripping it off and tossing it somewhere near by. Is there a vin number anywhere else like under the hood or on the axle?
  7. cookiemonster

    cookiemonster New Member

    Dig that sum bich out and get to work!!!!!!!!!!
  8. mcdonald58

    mcdonald58 New Member

    that sucks really bad...its a shame kids cant appreciate old things like that today.
  9. Superlifted06FX4

    Superlifted06FX4 Last of the V8s

    There should be a chassis vin. Also, you can still get it registered, you just need a state assigned vin.
  10. OP

    1990ranger4x4 Too high for fat chicks

    We have a pretty good idea of who it was. Wasn't a kid. There are other identification numbers, but I would just be getting a title for the frame or whatever part that I got the number from.

    I don't think kids did all of it. They did vandalize the house though.

    There are other identification numbers, but I would just be getting a title for the frame or whatever part that I got the number from.
  11. RoadRanger

    RoadRanger -Skylark65-

    that sucks big time man, i just finished helping a buddie tidy up around his hunting camp that got vandalized big time, all the old trucks were destroyed and the cabin trashed. ironically, the last truck we hauled out for scrap was a '66 ford mason dump.

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