Strange shake

Discussion in 'Drivetrain Tech' started by bameyer, Mar 11, 2013.

  1. bameyer

    bameyer New Member

    I have something happening with my 02 4X4 with the 4.0 engine. I have a shake that occurs in the 40-45 MPH range as I am accelerating up to cruising speed. Almost feels like a misfire but no codes to indicate such. I had the "shake" both before and after installing a new set of tires and an alignment. Even had the balance re-checked to rule imbalance out. It's smooth as silk up through the Auto tranny shifts except for right about the time she goes into O.D.---and that's when I feel the shake. Smooth as silk at highway speeds---just 40-45 MPH. Ideas?

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  3. Hooligan

    Hooligan Rangerholic!!

    I moved this post into its own thread to get more attention
  4. 04Ranga

    04Ranga New Member

    It wasnt the "harlem shake" I've been hearing all about it lately, was it?unsure:
  5. Q-14

    Q-14 New Member


    I had the same basic symptoms recently with my '06 XF4 4.0 auto. 75k
    About two weeks ago I was driving along, 2WD, no load, aprox 50mph when I thought I hit something in the road or a big pothole but there was nothing in the road., it was a pretty substantial jerk.
    Yesterday I drove into town on a wet road at about the same speed, again in 2WD and it happened again, I thought maybe the ignition had cut out for a fraction of a second, about 5 minutes later it happened again, I disabled the OD to see if that had any effect, a few minutes later it happened again.
    All of the upshifts/downshifts were normal, it came in and out of OD normally, no indication of any kind from the tach or gauges, over a 40 minute drive it probably happened five times.
    The return trip there were no issues, starting to wonder if the 4.1 locker could be doing something odd but both rear tyres were properly inflated, it's only happened on straight travel, would have thought the tach might move if it were a crank sensor problem, wiggled the key while moving to see if that might create the problem, no joy.
    Been in the auto & racing business for 40+ years, this one's got me stumped, so far, spent a lot of time on the boards and this post is the closest one I've found to my issues.

  6. OP

    bameyer New Member

    Shake problem

    Q---I recall seeing some sort of harmonic balancer on the transfer case when I changed the fluid in it some time ago. Don't recall anything remarkable about the way it bolted back on, but I remember having to remove it to get to the drain plug. I wonder what symptom might occur if there were something amiss with that. I guess it's some sort of harmonic balancer but I don't really know. I plan on crawling under the truck when the weather warms. I don't drive my truck every day since retirement, so I have just been putting up with it as it really is just a minor annoyance and occurs but perhaps twice on my way to and from town.


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