stalls when put in gear

Discussion in 'General Tech' started by thinfinn, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. thinfinn

    thinfinn New Member

    My 2004 ranger stalled at a stop sign today. Re-started but when put in gear clunks and then stalls. Finally got it to go came to next stop sign and was braking but truck wanted to go, like clutches were staying engaged. Stalled it, went back through start, put in gear, stall. Also will not rev over 3000 rpm. Like a rev limiter kicks in. Anybody ?
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  3. Hooligan

    Hooligan Rangerholic!!

    Have you checked the plugs, wires and coil pack? How many miles are on the truck and what size engine?
  4. OP

    thinfinn New Member

    Have not checked anything yet. just had it towed. 4.0 engine, 66,000 miles. Thx
  5. Hooligan

    Hooligan Rangerholic!!

    I had a 93 that did the same thing, never completely died but had the very same symptoms. My issue was bad plugs, wires and 1 bad coil pack. I couldn't be sure that is your issue but make sure you have someone with experience look at it. I tried trouble shooting my problem and dumped 1k into it then I finally took it to a mechanic and it was just maintenance things that were alot cheaper.
  6. OP

    thinfinn New Member

    Thanks. Someone told me torque converter. But why would that limit my rpm's ? I'm low tech. Miss my 76 F 250, thanks again.
  7. Hooligan

    Hooligan Rangerholic!!

    I'm not too techinal with mechanics either. Hopefully Adsm08 will pop in and give some insight. He is a Ford tech and really knows his stuff.
  8. OP

    thinfinn New Member

    Just need to get to work on Monday. My mechanic had his son tow it in. He has 10 broken ribs not up to much. Tryin to get some insight. Have his garage and tools to use.
  9. Hooligan

    Hooligan Rangerholic!!

    Hopefully someone with knowledge of this will chime in before you need to head to work.
  10. adsm08

    adsm08 New Member

    The torque converter has a clutch in it, for lock up, as you probably know. It does sound like your converter clutch is stuck on, at least partially.

    To get a good picture of how the converter works take two desk fans and point them at each other. Turn one on high and see what the other one does.

    That is basically the torque converter. Two fans in a 5 quart tub of tranny fluid. When you come to a stop the fluid just bounces off the fan that drives the tranny and you go no where but the engine can still run fine. When the clutch stays stuck on it's like driving a stick with no clutch pedal. If you don't pop it back in N the engine will die.

    As to not revving above 3K, unless you are rolling I'm gonna go with normal all the way around. There is a rev limiter that will kick in about 3K in park and neutral. If you are trying to do this in gear, I've never seen an auto hit 3K in gear at a stop without roasting the tires off.
  11. OP

    thinfinn New Member

    In your opinion, will I need to replace the converter or are there any tricks to get clutches working ? Thank You
  12. adsm08

    adsm08 New Member

    Sometimes a flush will get it moving. More often than not replacement of the converter is required. I would first try replacing the solenoid and seeing if that has any effect. It is a lot cheaper and easier to do.
  13. ontomyMof

    ontomyMof New Member

    Replacing the torque convertor with a high stall one will not get you more "performance" over a gear swap. It only raises the rpm lock up level to put you higher in the power curve of your motor, good if you have a bigger cam that comes on at a higher rpm level but not really worth it on a stock cam/motor. A stock 12" convertor would be the best option, runs cooler and comes into lock up at a lower rpm, which is where the cam is.
  14. Larrydab

    Larrydab New Member

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