Serious clunk/miss after long travel - 2001 3.0 Automatic

Discussion in '1998 - 2011 Ford Ranger' started by aupholster, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. aupholster

    aupholster New Member

    I need some help in a matter that no one can figure out. I have a 2001 3.0 Automatic 2wd. It has 105,000 miles on it. It runs well until I drive it a long distance like several hours on I-95 a while. All of a sudden it starts this hard miss or clunk. It does it frequently and it almost feels like something is trying to lock up. It never does it around town or driving back and forth to work. I just changed the plugs and wires about 6 mos ago. Help?
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  3. OP

    aupholster New Member

    This explains it pretty well but...

    This explains it pretty well but my problem occurs under 3000 rpm and I just had the Cam Sensor Sync Shaft Ass'y replaced. However, I am unsure that it was properly installed because it sometimes takes a few seconds to crank over which I read could be caused by this being installed incorrectly.

    If you are having this "BUCK/JERK AND MISS DURING DRIVE CYCLE ABOVE 3000 RPM - NO DTC - 3.0L 2V GAS AND FFV ENGINE. *TT" as well as what sounds like belt sqeal that clears as the engine warms, and sounds as if it coming from the firewall or under the truck by can not pin down an exact location; it is a clear sign of Syncronizer shaft failure and common for it to start showing signs around your milage. I ran thru an issue were just after doing a full tune-up (Plugs, wires, filters, ETC) the truck showed a small miss, which progressed to a miss when the engine was cold over 4000 rpm and as it warmed just over 3000 rpms. It was the syncro shaft. The TSB states that the Cam Position sensor does not monitor faults over 2500 rpm (hense no CEL, no codes). The only test is to read to signal from the EGR valve, if it is cycling or 150 times to its limti of 1050 this points to a syncro shaft problem.
    The shaft can be obtained for NAPA, or like (Autozone was not able to tell me they had it) for just under $200. You will need to be sure an locate the alignment tool discussed in the chilton/haynes manual for proper re-install.

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