Runnning rich both banks

Discussion in '3.0 Engine' started by dracnam, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. dracnam

    dracnam New Member

    I have a 98 ranger 3.0 v6 which I recently swapped engine because former engine had 250,000 miles and finally died.The replacement engine was a 2001 with 68,000 miles.
    The problem is since the swap I get codes po1132 and po1152
    which interpret running rich on both banks.
    I have replaced plugs wires,plugs,all three o2 sensors,egr,map sensor,throttle body,gutted the cat,still same thing.
    Engine surges on start up like a vacuum leak,which I cannot seem to find.

    Any ideas?

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  3. Hooligan

    Hooligan Rangerholic!!

    You put an 01 3.0 in correct? Flex fuel or no?
  4. Hooligan

    Hooligan Rangerholic!!

    First check the IAC, may be gummed up so try cleaning it or preferably just replacing it. When the IAC goes the engine will will have a high idle on start up sometimes close to 3500RPM.

    Here is a pic I found on the net similar to your trucks vaccuum lines and soe tips I found as well.

    You can check vaccuum lines, fittings, intake base, and the brake booster line with a can of ether while its idling, spray a little at a time on each part and see if there is any change in the idle. The leak will suck in the ether and change the idle so you should be able to locate the leak IF there is one.
  5. Hurley

    Hurley Superultramegalurker

    I would check the IAC valve like Clinton said. If its too nasty then you can pick one up for $50 at autozone
  6. OP

    dracnam New Member

    Replaced the IAC it did help the performance,but still have p01132,p01152 codes
    Which interpret left and right bank running rich no vacuum leaks found by using carb cleaner all over intake and vacuum lines.
    Any other ideas?
    Thanks for your help
  7. O2 sensor?
  8. OP

    dracnam New Member

    o2 sensors

    I have replaced all 3 of them,not saying that they may not be bad again since it has been having problems.
  9. maranger

    maranger New Member

    reset your long term fuel trim settings and short term fuel trim settings then go through a drive cycle if it still runs rich u may have leaky injectors
  10. OP

    dracnam New Member

    how do you make the adjustments you are talking about?
  11. OP

    dracnam New Member


    How can you make these adjustments?
  12. pooleo

    pooleo New Member

    pull the plugs to verify its running rich. might be a computer problem or flex/non-flex fuel issue.

    Also, check all the o2 sensor wires. A shorted wire defaults to run rich.

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