Really strange noise!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by OldTimer, Apr 18, 2019.

  1. OldTimer

    OldTimer New Member

    Started a couple weeks ago, now every time I'm hittin the brakes I feel and hear 1 'Click' coming from the driver's front. Had it in the air today, and every thing looks good (ball joints, tie rod ends, shock mounts, stab links, brake pads are 65% there still, rotors are smooooth, even the fins in the rotors are clean, the bearings are good) any suggestions (Other than 'turn up the radio!) My grand daughter rides in that truck with me, it MUST have brakes! I'm at a lose!
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  3. Efisher26

    Efisher26 New Member

    Take the caliper off and lube it.

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  4. OP

    OldTimer New Member

    You thinkin it may be the 'pins' making the noise? Could very well be! I've got the 'splash shields' on order, to put those on I've gotta take the wheel down to the steering knuckle. Those 'pins' only have to move maybe 1000th, but that's enough to make a noise!
  5. ZappyBear

    ZappyBear Member

    Check your brake pads for missing clips. There is supposed to be an anti-rattle clip hooked to an, or bother ears on the brake pads. They prevent the pad from rocking up and down in the bracket making a rattle or click. You can get away without them, just expect to hear noises. Sometimes the clips are just pushed into the slots on the bracked. But as mentioned before, lube all contact/slide points with high temp grease. (Except between the pads and rotor of course)
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  6. OP

    OldTimer New Member

    Since asking about that I had the r brake hose fail. While I was under there new pads, new bearings, totally cleaned and put in fresh grease, high quality grease on the slides, disc brake quiet on the backs of pads. So now I get a growling noise whenever I stop as if the brakes are worn out! Bad growl, I can feel it through the steering and through the seat as well. 1st time this ever happened, sure has me scratching my noggin! Oh, no more clicking noise though!!!!
  7. racsan

    racsan exceding the limits....

    I’m not sure how old your ranger is, but if it’s a 97 or older, what about the radius arms/bushings? Maybe sway bar links?

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