Opinions: Most overrated Cars/trucks

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by rango88, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. rango88

    rango88 Chuck Norris Drove a Ram

    This is a list of not the worst cars but the cars are the most overrated. Vehicles that seem overly popular but you cant see why they seem the exceed the sales of other vehicles. Doesnt have to be modern vehicles.

    I cant say I have driven one but I dont see the hype. Yes they are green and they make the hollywood stars appear slightly human. But at double the price of your typical ecobox (Corolla, Civic, Versa, Sonic, Focus, etc) they don’t achieve the MPG that makes it worth the price premium over other cars that are just a few MPG short of the Prius’ EPA claims. From what I read, they are terrible to drive and have not proven to be reliable and costly to maintain.

    Yes I understand it’s a Ford Forum and I am not bashing the F150, it has proven to be a great over the years. But it also has its shortfalls. To me I am not a fan of the styling, outside and in. I am not a fan of the eco-boost (let the nay-sayyers have their opinions, whatever I stand by my opinion). I also disliked the fact to get the top engines, you need to order the top trims. Take the Dodge Ram for example, I can easly have an SXT and still have the 5.7L Hemi with 3.92 gears and L/S. The Ford cannot have the eco-boost or the 6.2L in the lower base trims. It’s a great truck, but I can’t see why its still overselling the competition by a lot every month. What makes this truck special over the Ram, GM., Titan and Tundra Fullsizes. I just can’t see it.

    Its name plate has been the identity of easy to afford reliability and MPG but the last 10 years have seen other makers step up the game. Not only is the Focus and Civic better on MPG, but they are better to drive. The Hyundais and Kias are proving that for $2,000 less and better warranty and financing rates you get the same MPG and same reliability while getting more options and better overall styling. So why do people still pay $20,000 for a car that has 4 spd auto cruise and power group and thats it when other cars now offer auto climate control, better sound systems and more amenities for the same price and more fun factor. The Corolla is the Perrier Water of cars. Not very interesting, more expensive and all the while it just looks to quench your thirst and thats it.

    Not the most popular “truck” out there but it’s definitely the most overrated vehicle that doesnt know what it is. Since the aztec, we haven’t had such an ugly confused duckling. It has four doors like most trucks, a bed that’s more useless then the bed offered in the Avalanche. The only bed I can think thats more useless is the Subaru Baja (yea I know). It’s interior is not overly attractive and its payload and towing capacity are disappointing. It’s a truck that looks like a Rona Garden Shed, that rides and performs like a sports sedan and has MiniVan roots. And on top of that it offers a 5spd auto in an era where 6spds or more are the norm. So why do soccer mom’s and metro man seem to leave their CR-Vs to get into the Ridgeline? For the Ride height and thats it.

    5-Mini Cooper
    I can’t deny I loved the old BMC Mini of the days when all 4 Beetles were still alive, but this new BMW creation doesnt seem to have the charm of the old ones. They have resolved to creating ugly convertibles and SUVish like Minis to make them interesting. Yes we don’t see them on the roads as much, but I remember an era not too long ago they were cool. Now what are they other then Fashionable accessories for almost $30,000. Yup for the same price as a family sedan you get a car that doesnt have that much room, confusing interior controls, low on power (the Natural aspirated engines), not very fuel efficient and barely fun to drive. Even the Beetle (2012+) is more interesting. Atleast the Beetle has turbo diesel option and the base engine in the beetle has a good 50 HP more then the Mini’s base engine. So why not buy a Fiat 500 or Beetle over the Mini, it just makes more sense. Those who convinced themselves either say that it’s a discount BMW or that it’s “quirky” but when has that given you a complete package for $30,000?
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  3. SalRanger2

    SalRanger2 Ranger Lover

    is this your original list or was this from some where? just curious
  4. Demon

    Demon I take no prisoners!

    Need to add F-150 F-250 and F-350 to that list lmfao
  5. SalRanger2

    SalRanger2 Ranger Lover

    and 4wd rangers.... lol :D
  6. OP

    rango88 Chuck Norris Drove a Ram

    this list my creation ;)
  7. djfllmn

    djfllmn ^^^ I am Mr. Clean!

    F150s just sell because well it's an F150 and always miles ahead of the competition...others always try to play catchup....tundra, titans feel so cheap on the inside...dodge well its a dodge so trans problems are almost a 100% guarantee and gm aka government motors
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  8. SalRanger2

    SalRanger2 Ranger Lover

    i see lol

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