Odd crank but no start issue, appeared from nowhere

Discussion in '1993 - 1997 Ford Ranger' started by Alexcantsleep, Apr 19, 2019.

  1. Alexcantsleep

    Alexcantsleep New Member

    Hey everyone, I’ve used this forum a few times to help diagnose problems but I had to sign up today to ask about my current issue, I couldn’t find a thread on it.

    I’ve got a 97 Ranger, reg cab, 4 cal, auto with 134,000 miles on it.

    A few days ago I went to back it out and drive and it ran for about 5 second and then quit. When I attempted to restart it it ran for a second and then after that it would run at all and just crank. My suspicion with either the fuel pump or the relay.

    I cranked on it and it would fire up when using carb cleaner just after the air filter. So i replaces the relay and to no avail, so next I pulled the bed and replaced the fuel pump. Still nothing.

    The fuel filter had been replaced recently as well.

    So after checking several things out here’s where I’m at.

    It was running just fine before hand.
    I hadn’t driven it that day, just got it, it fired right up, made it 20 feet and just quit running.
    Noting out of the ordinary has happened recently.
    I checked the inertia switch and all seems well.
    It had good healthy spark when cranking.
    Fuel pressure with the key “on” is just a touch over 20 psi.
    Running on carb cleaner it all sounded normal, not like it had jumped a tooth on the timing set or anything like that. It’s acting like the motor is just not getting fuel but I’ve got pressure at the rail that seems normal.
    Fuel pressure while cranking is a touch under 40.
    All fuses good
    When you turn the key in the pump runs for a second to prime and then stops.
    Swapped out the pcm relay and no change.
    The code reader connects to the computer just fine and is showing no codes. It will allow me to erase them and successfully reconnect and show no codes.
    All wiring, connections, etc, all appear intact.
    We have a lift here so ive been able to see under it and nothing unusual down low.
    The vacuum line to the fuel pressure regulator is good and not leaking.
    The fuel pressure regulator itself is holding vacuum and pressure at its port (has to check this with a hose and my mouth, cannot find my hand vacuum pump.)
    I’ve been diagnosing off and on for a couple days and nothing has changed with time or outside temp.
    I had read that a crank sensor can cause no spark and a MAF sensor can cause no fuel pressure but neither of those appears to me to be the case.

    It’s almost like the injectors just suddenly stopped injecting.

    Anyone have any ideas, this one has me stumped. Many, many thanks in advance, I need to get this out of my shop and get another one of our cars in there. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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  3. OP

    Alexcantsleep New Member

    Oh, wanted to also add that there is no change when you crank it and move the gas pedal or hold it down while cranking.
  4. OldTimer

    OldTimer New Member

    Need to dbl check the specs for your truck. But I believe the fuel pressure should be up around 45. Need an assistant to crank the engine. Take a stethoscope or listen through a long screwdriver, are the injectors firing? Pull a plug wire (pref #4) off the coil, hold it very close to the coil tower, do you hear the spark 'popping' the plug wire. Connect an OBDII code reader to it, need ''Live Data'', look for ''Engine RPM'', crank the engine while watching the RPM, if it doesn't change check the crank sensor. My son inlaw had a very similar problem, no injectors no 'fire' no crank signal,,,, the wires to his crank sensor were broke!
  5. Tonyroy1

    Tonyroy1 New Member

    Fuel pump relay..under the hood!!! It was for my 94 Ranger anyway!! Good luck!! Only $16 ....

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