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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by 90RedRanger, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. 90RedRanger

    90RedRanger New Member

    Hey All,
    I look forward to getting to know some of you and hopefully resolve some issues I have with my Ranger.
    I bought a 1990 2.4L 2 wheel drive regular cab w/ 5 speed. It has 95k miles on it and it runs great. Two small problems I cannot figure out. The (Rear Anti-lock) light is on and the gas gauge doesn't work. All of the fuses are good. Any tips would be helpful.
    And, it needs tires. It has 205-70 14 tires. Can 215's fit?
    Tualatin Oregon. :)
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  3. Jon

    Jon Administrator

    Welcome Tony!
  4. Ham-Bone

    Ham-Bone New Member

    hey welcome

    not sdure about your rear-anti lock coulp be a bit of air in the lines, wheel cyclinder gone, or you could have a broken wire/ ground off.

    where does your fuel pump needle sit at full or some where in the middle or under E

    you can fit up to 235/75/15 on to your truck so 215 with be fin
  5. Tonya Gilmore

    Tonya Gilmore New Member

    Hi Tony. Welcome aboard :thumbup:
  6. OP

    90RedRanger New Member


    Hey thanks,
    The needle is stuck at E. On a rare occasion it moves but then back to E. I just removed the instrument cluster because it needs some light bulbs replace. I checked the wires and such and all looks good. The motor is a 2.3L and not a 2.4L, my boo boo. Good to know about the larger 215 tires. I just got this Ranger and it runs like new. Just when I press on the breaks hard, the rear tire lock up!!

  7. WesternPaRanger

    WesternPaRanger New Member

    I'm not a big fan of the rear anti-locks, had a '94 and even from brand new it would lock up and slide in the rain at stop signs. As another said, check for a loose wire as I think the sensors are hooked into the rear if I'm not mistaken, I know the device is on the side of the ring gear so heck, try putting some fresh gear lube in the rear as it is probably long overdue and it's a simple procedure. Take off the rear cover with a pan under it to catch the old lube, make a gasket out of black RTV, replace the cover, get a 3/8 ratchet with an extension and take the plug out of the rear, it's located on the d/s front of the rear and fill it until it runs out preferrably with the right side jacked up (use jack stands!!!). Quickly grab the plug (while gear lube runs down your arm) and put it back in, VOILA!!

    Welcome to the site!!!
  8. Ham-Bone

    Ham-Bone New Member

    you have a ground wire broken or corroded or even off .. did the gauage work before you told the gauges out if so take it back out and make sure the wires are all plugged in the grab a test light and turn the truck on and just check off your ground wires for the fuel gauge. if you can't find the probem the problem must lie with your fuel pump.
  9. Lenn

    Lenn Semper Paratus !!

    Welcome Tony!
  10. camshaft27

    camshaft27 New Member

    ford rangers usually have problems with their sending units in the gas tank. i had the same problem. I went to advanced autoparts and the airtex sending unit came with the fuel pump and all together it was 105
  11. OP

    90RedRanger New Member

    Good to know

    Thanks camshaft27. I have been waiting to buy this pump assembly do to my job loss. I have work now and soon I will buy this pump and sending unit. Have you done this work? Is it a one man job or is it better to have some help? I will let the tank run low and I will pull the tank. It looks like it's not to bad of a job.
    Tony :D

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