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Discussion in '3.0 Engine' started by sdowiat, Jan 3, 2010.

  1. sdowiat

    sdowiat New Member

    Hey guys. I just inherited my dad '99 Mazda SE b3000 4 x4 regular cab automatic 4.1 gearing. Only 66k miles. Looks and runs great. For 10 years old it's a good looking thing... even my daughter likes it. I'm excited to have it but I would a lot rather still have him... Anyway, I've done some reading but still have some questions. Ya'll here seem to know.

    1. I've always heard that the 3.0 dosen't have a lot of power nor does it get good MPG. The 4.0 has lots of power and gets about the same MPG. Agree? This truck has a lot of life, and I can drive something forever, but if something were to go wrong with the engine, can a 4.0 be put in? Its the same automatic tranny isn't it?

    2. I know the sheet metal has changed a bit, but I read how Ford was really slow to redesign these since '98. Is a lot of the running gear the same or interchangable with the newer models? Other than sheet metal, is my Mazda the same as the Ford? Do you know if it will always the like the Ford of that same year?

    3. The air cleaner looks clean, but those plastic snaps don't seem to really hold it tight. There are a couple of holes on the bottom of that housing where it looks like some type of plastic bolt or clip might could go... and keep those two halfs fulled snug and ensure that air goes through that filter. Know anything about that?

    4. My Dad did grip about the MPG, and after only 150 miles I can tell that it runs good but that 16 gallong tank goes down quick. What kind of MPG should I expect. Is it one of those things where holding the speed down to 60 gives you a significant boost in MPG? My Expedition is that way.

    5. Any known weak spots in '99? The 3.0 is known for lasting a long time isn't it? My '99 Expedition with the 5.4 is known to spit out spark plugs and strip the threads in it's aluminum heads. Mine did that trick once in downtown Atlanta at 5:00 on a Friday afternoon. The 3.0 has aluminum heads too, right? But it's not known to do that too is it?

    Thanks for reading and answering if you can. I'll try to pay you back... after I get some experience.

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  3. Teamexploder

    Teamexploder Explorer Member

    As far as the 3.0 goes it is weak for power for what the gas mileage is of it. The 4.0 can be swapped in but I think (not 100%) that the bolt pattern of the trans is different compared to the 4.0. As far as the the Axles you can use those with a 4.0. Pretty much all parts are interchangeable from Ford to the Mazda its just the grill is slightly different shaped so is the fenders where the grill is and some parts have the Mazda Emblem instead of Ford but there are a lot of parts you will find in your truck with the Ford emblem stamped on them.
  4. ProZach

    ProZach New Member

    sorry to revive a dead thread, but I would like to say that the 3.0 with the 5speed and 2wd is a beast. I get 20MPG in it, the thing I think that is the problem for you is that the truck you're driving has a 4x4 system and for the ranger's and mazda's systems it tanks the MPGs
  5. bobkyle2

    bobkyle2 !! BAMF !!

    holy batflaps prozach ;).. reviveing them oldies
  6. Hooligan

    Hooligan Rangerholic!!

    Thread moved to the new 3.0 tech section
  7. wvgranger

    wvgranger 1998 XLT Super

    I have a 98 2WD super cab with a 3.0 auto,has 60k miles .No race car,but happy with power,but gas mileage sucks !! About 13 to 14 town and 21 highway.Winter in town about 160 miles on a tank (let warm up in mornings eats alot ) and about 200 in town during summer.

    When i bought it i decided on a 3.0 over the 4.0 as the 4.0's at time had timing chain issues.I'd still go with a 3.0,but the never have the crappy plastic upper intakes. The 3.0 is a great engine in my book,i work on and see them almost every day being an auto tech.Hope this helps !
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