"NEW" 1995 Ext CAB - overcooling & starting issue

Discussion in '2.3 Engine' started by MarkyMayhem, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. MarkyMayhem

    MarkyMayhem New Member

    Hey all, new member! I posted here under my buddy's kid's account when we were doing his clutch in his ranger, and ya'll were a great help, so maybe you can help me!
    So I just got this B2300 [Ranger] yesterday, 1995, about 190,000 miles [odo is broke] and clean as a whistle underneath.
    Has a new clutch, flywheel, rear main, pilot bearing etc, new coil packs, new plugs, new fuel pump and filler neck, new bearing in the 2 part driveshaft, maybe a few other things. As far as I knew it just needed an alignment, and i came with a real inspection.
    So I drove around yesterday, no sweat. One issue, it was majorly overcooling, like the temp gauge barely if at all got off full cold - I had heat, but not super hot. So I'm thinkin thermostat there?
    The other issue that is really bothering me is this - After I got home last night I was messing around, and started the truck, it started, rev'ed down, and died. Then it would not start but would crank for a minute. After a few tries, and taking the key out, it started. Then it started 5 times in a row, then again, started and died right away, and would not restart for a minute. I replicated the issue about 3 times. Always no start after it starts and dies. And if I catch it and rev the motor when it's gonna die right after starting it, it'll settle down and idle/run like a dream.
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  3. OP

    MarkyMayhem New Member

    No start seems to be only when warmed up, starts perfect cold every time.
    previous owner had same issue, had his brother who works at Dobbs diagnose as fuel pump, it was replaced with a Bosch unit 3 months ago, and PO has had no issues since.

    Haven't been driving it much, with the snow - I'm used to tiny FWD cars, not [relatively] big RWD trucks.... haven't even had a RWD car in years!

    Thanks again!

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