need help with ac troubleshooting

Discussion in 'Maintenance Shop' started by 5camerons, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. 5camerons

    5camerons New Member

    I am new here. I have a 1999 ford ranger 4x4 3.0 liter v6. I am having
    problems with me ac blowing out of my vents. When i start the truck it takes a few minutes before it blow through the vents. once it starts blowing it will stop then start again.

    I just have the system checked out no leaks topped it off with freon. I checked all the air lines everything seems ok. Replaced fuses and relays
    nothing seemed to work. anyone have any suggestion?

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  3. 94lifted4x431s

    94lifted4x431s New Member

    do the vents work with heat, or outside air?
    if not then the blower motor perhaps?
  4. MBMNemesis

    MBMNemesis New Member

    bad fan relay

    sounds to me like you have a few things to check out, first I would take the dash apart and check the connections to the t-stat and make sure the connections are good and not corroded, than you should replace the fan relay, Im not sure if car blower motors have a start capacitor, but if they do than that could also be the problem, if the motor was going up you would have already smelled electrical burning. I havnt done a whole lot of a/c work on cars but I am a full time hvac guy, and I have seen these same problems on residential systems and it was a relay or capacitor. Hope this helps
  5. bowmaster85

    bowmaster85 New Member

    When you say that it stops blowing what do you mean?? does it stop blowing out the vents and start going through the dash vents? or does is sound like the blower stops working. I could be that you have a vaccum leak and that the vent flap is only working when the vaccum has built enogh pressure. does this go away with acceleration? I had that and it turned out to be a vaccum line was bad. Need more info!!!!!!!!!!
  6. OP

    5camerons New Member

    its seems to be the flap behind the glove box, i notice that the flap slowly
    close. i was thinking it may be the cylinder that opens the flap. can you explain were the vaccumm lines are and how to tell if they are bad

    also i was going to do a tune up i was going to change plugs/ wires / shocks raditor hoses/ and flush it too. do you recommed going to dealer to buy parts? what would you use ? what shocks? or anything else you would do to your truck

    thanks for all the advice

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