Mustang domes

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    I have the following DOMES:

    2 Tan Domes

    1 Grey Dome

    Each come with screws, wire, and the plastic mount base that goes in the headliner.

    Asking $25 Shipped.

    Willing to paint them if needed, for an additional $5. (Red, Black, Blue, Yellow, basic solid colors)

    Shipping to US 48 States, CANADA is extra!

    Got these from Mercury Sables, Taurus, and one from an F-150.

    Will post pics soon!

    Also I know there are 3 more at the jy, but one of the jy vehicles was locked, couldn't get into it, the other one had a fire in the dash, the dome light appears ok, just a little smoke damage, maybe could use some sanding and cleaning, but i am sure it would work if someone wanted it, the other was in a mercury sable wagon, didn't have time to get to it, it was blocked in.
    If interested, I can go back and get these 3 at a later time, if they are still there.

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