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  1. machine

    machine Banned

    In the Navy, when we were on the communication headsets, we couldn't say anything vulgar or even remotely vulgar, so I decided that when one of us spotted a woman with nice boobs, walking down the pier, the code word was "COLOMBO'S"
    as in "check out those colombo's"
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  3. OP

    06whitelightning Banned

    i give up i sent the admin. a message and didnt even get told to **** off
  4. Hooligan

    Hooligan Rangerholic!!

    You have to give them some time. They are Admins of several sites and very popular ones too. So be patient, do not offend and you will get an answer
  5. DiabloBlanco

    DiabloBlanco Those Damn Kids

    well im back lol
  6. machine

    machine Banned

    I've asked other sites if i could be a moderator, but they are biased- I guess owning 4 rangers and driving 28 years and having 4,000+ posts means nothing. But some kid who's in their late teens and has a few posts wants to be a mod?
    whatever happened to actually "earning" a spot as a moderator?
    earning= time on the site, at least 1 year. and post count of more than 500.
    you don't take your truck to the mechanic and ask for the 18 year old kid, you ask for the 20 + year veteran who's been wrenching since he was 18.
    thats my theory on how moderators should be chosen.

    before anyone say's "wow. he sure is upset" I'm not. but, I believe in starting at the bottom and earning (working) your way up.
  7. klinger86

    klinger86 Moderator

    Damn skippy I could ask to be a mod but I wanna learn as much as I can before I even try to ask/be asked to become one. The way that I see it a mod needs to know as much as they can about the site and the topics that may be posted so if no one else can answer the question the mod can or atleast point them in the direction that they need to be going.
  8. redrocket

    redrocket New and loving it

    give em time dude they will answer.. i tryed once for mod on rf but haha i didnt meet their requriments lol.. good luck tho
  9. OP

    06whitelightning Banned

    ok if i pissed you off **** you get over it and im 21 not 18 no im not a mechanic but ive taken auto tech at college i dont know every thing id just like to help ive only seen one moderator on here if this site grows the will need more so i just thought id ask.
  10. kozal01

    kozal01 New Member

    its not about how old someone is or how many posts they have its more about how they conduct them selfs on the forum and how they treat others as well as their general attitude. also the ability navigate and organize the site effectively is also important and it also helps if the member can be active almost daily to help deal with the issues that can arise on a daily basis. there is alot more to being a mod then just being an expert on the topic of the forum.
  11. machine

    machine Banned

    no, being a member of over 5 ranger forums, i guarrantee moderators are chosen by other moderators because they KNOW them.
    i've been driving/wrenching/owning/selling/buying/destroying Rangers before many on the forums were born or oldenough to drive.
    when I see someone with under 1000 posts, and has been a member for less than a year, and is 19 (all examples, mind you) then suddenly, it's announced that they are a Moderator, I get suspicious and do some research, only to discover, that the "new" mod is neighbors or was recently at a meet with a current Moderator.
    and please, don't tellme this isn't true. I took 4 years of psychology in college. It's the same way the "son in law" of a company president gets promoted to divisional VP while a regular employee lingers at the same job for 20, 30 years, without any real promotion.

    I'm not angry this happens, but it does annoy me.
  12. Hooligan

    Hooligan Rangerholic!!

    I can understand both points from Kozal and Machine. Some get to be made mods due to the fact they are very knowledgeable, some can be made for the pure fact they are tight with someone higher up. It happens in alot of places.

    Either way, comments like the "Admins didnt even get back to me or tell me to go F myself" and people expressing insights on what happens on other forums wont really get you anywhere either.

    I would like to think that being an active member here, Contribute what you can and share your knowledge without asking for anything in return earns you the respect and a great rapport with other members. People can have a title of "Moderator" and still lack respect and not have a good rapport with members at all.

    I also believe the O/P's questions or any information he had have been answered so this thread will be closed. Any further questions or concerns you can PM me
    Last edited: May 5, 2011
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